WWE News: John Cena Reveals Unknown Details Of 'Mania Undertaker Match And Talks His New Adult-Styled Cartoon

April's WrestleMania 34 brought the WWE universe a ton of exciting moments, like Ronda Rousey's in-ring debut, Charlotte Flair ending Asuka's undefeated streak, Brock Lesnar bloodying Roman Reigns, and though it was booked very uniquely, John Cena finally facing The Undertaker at a 'Mania. For the prior weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, Cena appeared on Raw and repeatedly challenged the WWE legend to no avail. As the story went, with seemingly no one to wrestle, John purchased a ticket to WrestleMania and sat in the audience with the rest of the WWE universe. Towards the middle of the event, The Undertaker indeed did show up, the two wrestled in a very short match, and Cena was essentially squashed in three minutes.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, John Cena commented on his 'Mania match with The Undertaker, explained how it was a message for the rest of the WWE locker room, and also spoke about his recently released adult-styled cartoon, Dallas & Robo.

"The Cenation Leader" said that he was very excited to be a member in the audience at WrestleMania. He remarked that there were reservations about him being in the audience, and that the WWE originally wanted him in the crowd for only 10 minutes. He said, "absolutely not," and insisted on getting a physical ticket, a real seat, and entering the arena when the doors opened.

He then spoke of why he loved his squash match with The Undertaker.
"My 'WrestleMania Moment' was to spend the time in the crowd and not do well in a very short performance, but I loved it because it got the job done. The focus was not me, the focus was someone else. Often times, we look at things so selfishly, asking, 'What's in it for me?' Well, what was in it for me was the chance to reintroduce a WWE icon."
He said that he wanted to show the WWE universe that The Undertaker character still exists and thrives, putting to rest any rumors that "The Dead Man" was done with his in-ring career. He then spoke about how his 'Mania contest was a message to the rest of the locker room.
"That is a message to any performer who is complaining about their spot or that, creatively, they have nothing going for them. I've been first, I've been in the middle, I've been last. I just want to go out there and do something."
He would go on to say that few performers share his ideology but that The Miz is one of them. He explained that this is why The Miz is currently skyrocketing into a new bracket, and that he can't wait to see what he does with it. He then said that wrestlers should be happy with any sort of role that they have in the WWE, "even if it is getting your tail kicked in"

WWE superstars John Cena and The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Between being cast in numerous movies, including the new Duke Nukem, appearing on Total Bellas, handling (and some say, causing) rumors of his relationship status with Nikki Bella, and wrestling for the WWE, John Cena is a very busy individual, but that didn't stop him from making a new cartoon. On May 30, YouTube Red released their newest original, Dallas & Robo. Both fans and pundits alike have complained through the years that the wrestler is too robot-like, and Cena explained it's no coincidence that he is now portraying one.

"They [production company ShadowMachine] had an idea about this universe and wanted me to be the driving force behind the robotic AI component. That has a little to do with the robot-like nature of how some people perceive me, so it fits."
The show is about a space trucker, Dallas (voiced by Kat Dennings), and a cowboy hat-wearing robot, Robo (Cena), who journey through the universe navigating through the dangers of cannibals and rival space truckers all while looking for work. John said he was intrigued by the material because it is a comical way to look at the topical subject of artificial intelligence. He commented that he likes the character of Robo because even though he's surrounded by flawed humans, he still yearns to be one.

(Warning: The trailer below contains some strong language and adult oriented material.)

All eight episodes of Dallas & Robo are currently streaming on YouTube Red, and the comedic cartoon co-stars Stephen Root, Dana Snyder, and Jane Lynch. John Cena also co-stars in the upcoming 2018 film Bumblebee (from The Transformers universe) currently in post-production, and being the busy bee that he is, the WWE superstar also has another film in pre-production, The Janson Directive, where he plays lead character Paul Janson.