Roseanne Barr Is Fired Up After ABC Cancellation, Looking For More Twitter Followers To Back Her Up

Roseanne Barr is not going away anytime soon. In fact, she is more fired up than ever. She got herself in hot water on Tuesday after she posted the tweet that was heard around the world about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. The consequence of that tweet was sharp and swift. She was soon out of a job once ABC made the decision to cancel her hit sitcom. It looked like maybe she would be dropping off social media, but that is not happening. According to a Twitter post that she made on Wednesday, the actress is asking people to help her gain more followers in order to support her decision to fight back.

Her supporters have come out in droves to state how unfair her firing was. They quip that there are double standards being drawn and will stand by Roseanne, despite the mistake that she made by posting that racist joke about Jarrett. All of the support that she has received in the past 24 hours has apparently given Roseanne a second wind. Barr said that she has 30 years of activism under her belt and that she is tired of being raked over the coals for one mistake. She wants to fight back and the more followers she has, she believes that it will give her more weight to do just that.

"Can you all help me get more followers here? The more I have the more my words will have weight. I am a fighter 4 FAiRNESS in all aspects of US life. I am tired of being smeared-over a stupid mistake erasing 30 yrs of activism."
Roseanne has been tweeting consistently since she blasted Valerie Jarrett on Tuesday. Most of them have been retweets about her firing and posts from her supporters. According to a report by the Inquisitr, she also tweeted out that she was weighing her options. There is no hint exactly on what direction Roseanne may be heading, but it looks like she is planning on using her conservative supporters to give her the momentum to forge ahead.
The Roseanne reboot was so successful that ABC ordered up a second season pretty quickly. It was a huge moneymaker for the network, so this is a big decision placed by them. In addition, John Goodman, Sarah Gilbert, and the rest of the cast and crew lost their jobs because of this. Barr has felt their wrath and expressed her disappointment in them turning their backs on her, as she has stated. Her TV husband has been seen in recent photos walking his dog, but he has yet to make any kind of statement about the cancellation.