Emily Ratajkowski Serves As Inspiration For New Internet Fad: Toblerone Tunnels

Emily Ratajkowski is making a new and controversial body fad popular on her Instagram account.

According to People, the "Toblerone Tunnel" is a new trend where an area on a woman's body resembles the triangle-shaped Toblerone chocolate bar. The area that Ratajkowski helped to make popular is the triangular-like gap at the top of her thighs that looks like a Toblerone chocolate could be passed through it. It can usually be seen in both the front and back view of bikini photos. Katie Wright is another big inspiration behind this crazy trend.

Many people have been taking to social media to share their own "Toblerone Tunnel" but Liam Preston, who is head of the Be Real Campaign for body confidence, warns people that this trend could be dangerous both to a woman's health and to her self-esteem.

"Social media crazes like the Toblerone Tunnel tend to go viral pretty quickly and can have a damaging effect on young women's body image and self-esteem," he told Unilad.

"We've seen it before with the thigh gap trend, which saw many young girls try to conform to a beauty standard that's not only unobtainable for the majority of them, but also can encourage them to use unhealthy methods to achieve it," Preston continued.

He also went on to say that it is important to celebrate different body shapes and sizes and not give in to an unhealthy trend just because it's popular on social media.

Many people have taken to their social media accounts to share photos of their own Toblerone Tunnel while countless others poked fun at the crazy trend on Twitter. One user made light of the fad, tweeting a photo of her dog laying down joking, "Yeah I got a Toblerone tunnel."

"Toblerone Tunnel? You couldn't get a toblerone through my thighs if it was melted," another joked.

On her Instagram account, Emily has become wildly popular for posting photos in barely-there bikinis and risque clothing. Her last bikini-clad photo came on May 15 where she is promoting a suit from Inamorataswim. In the sexy photo, Emily rocks a teeny, tiny green bikini and pair of sneakers. The model wears her hair down and her insanely flat stomach is on display.

In all, the sexy snapshot has earned the 26-year-old over 1 million likes and 6,500-plus comments. Of course, most of the comments on the image were fans gushing over Emily's bikini body.

"Apart from hard work u r blessed with good genetics," one fan wrote.

A few other fans reverse body-shamed Ratajkowski, telling her that she is "too thin" and needs to "gain weight." The model has not responded to any comments on this particular image.