It Runs In The Family: Roseanne’s Son Also Made Racist Posts Against Ex-Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett

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There’s an old adage: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And there’s no better example of this being true than in the case of Roseanne Barr’s son, whose social media pages were recently revealed to have made the same type of racist posts against ex-Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett that his mother made.

According to the New York Daily News, who uncovered the damaging evidence, 40-year-old Jake Pentland — who is Roseanne’s eldest son, and a product of her first marriage — was revealed to have made similar posts about ex-Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on his Instagram page, calling her a “monkey” in a caption of a photo of Jarrett with President Barack Obama, but reminding his followers that you “can’t say people look like monkeys that they look like monkeys unless thy (sic) are Ron Perlman cuz he is white.”

Pentland deleted the caption, but the outlet proceeded to save a screenshot of the caption and post it in their story.

Pentland even went on to predict that his mother would experience a fallout from her now-deleted Tweet about Valerie Jarrett, claiming that “libtards” think “Muslim is a race” before saying that his mother’s remarks were “so funny and so true.”

Needless to say, Pentland — like Roseanne — is a Trump supporter, and his Instagram page has been since flooded with comments from others who, in some cases, believe that he was the one who sent the tweet from his mother’s account.

There’s another reason why people believe it was Jake Pentland, not Roseanne, that made the offending tweet: it not only sounds like something he’s said before, on several occasions, but it was this type of comment that got his Twitter account suspended.

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The New York Daily News could not reach Pentland for comment. However, according to Pentland’s Instagram page, the Today show reached out to him for a comment, which he declined to give, while stating that his mother was subjected to a “double standard” and that people are only allowed to insult “the President, white men and women, and Republicans only.” He then went on to say that he hopes his mother “learned her lesson” and never insults people “who consider themselves victims” again.

Since it’s become international news, it’s no secret that Roseanne — a longtime controversial comedian — had her show canceled as a result of her controversial tweet, although it certainly wasn’t the first time that she’d said controversial things. In addition, re-runs of her original Roseanne show were pulled from syndication.