‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Learns That Peter Is Henrik, Liesl’s Fury Will Prompt A Quest For Revenge

Matt SaylesInvision for the Television Academy/AP Images

The news that Peter August is really Henrik Faison sent shockwaves throughout Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that the person who may truly be his biggest threat is about to learn the news as well. Kathleen Gati returns as Dr. Liesl Obrecht during Wednesday’s show, and it sounds as if she’ll be delivering some powerful performances.

It took months for the truth about Peter being Henrik to come out, and it has left everybody connected to the situation shaken. General Hospital spoilers from the latest preview shared on Twitter detail that Nina will talk with Liesl and reveal the big news, and viewers know that Obrecht will not take this revelation well.

Of course, it’s simply not the fact that Peter lied about who he is that has everybody in Port Charles so angry. Rather, it’s the impact his lies and presence in town had on how Nathan died that is generating so much fury. SheKnows Soaps shares that during Thursday’s show, Liesl will be pointing fingers and laying blame, surely toward Henrik for her son’s death.

Previews have shown that by the end of the week, Peter seemingly will have regained his freedom somehow, but it may be short-lived. He will be attacked from behind, seemingly injected with a drug or tranquilizer of some sort, and viewers have to wonder if Obrecht will be behind the attack.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this will set up a great whodunit, as Peter has numerous enemies at this point. There may be plenty of people in Port Charles anxious to destroy Peter, but Liesl should never be underestimated, and there’s no doubt she’ll be intent on revenge in this situation.

Viewers saw a softer side of Obrecht during her time with Nathan and especially after his death. However, GH fans know that Liesl can be ruthless when she is set on achieving something, and it would be hard to imagine something she’ll want more than to gain vengeance for Nathan’s death.

People are thrilled to see that Gati is returning, with many mentioning that it’s seemed wrong for her to have simply disappeared after Nathan died. Will the writers find a way to keep her around for a while now? Will her anger also be directed toward Valentin as she catches up to all that’s transpired since she was last in town?

General Hospital spoilers hint that things could get intense on this front and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action. It doesn’t look like Peter’s actually going anywhere anytime soon. Anna will be anxious to protect her newfound son, but teasers suggest that she’ll have her work cut out for her as Obrecht and others show how determined they are to take him down.