What Title Will Princess Eugenie's Husband Get When They Get Married? Queen Elizabeth II's Plans Revealed

Royal wedding watchers: set your clocks for the next royal wedding! Princess Eugenie, 28, the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew of York and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is set to wed her longtime boyfriend, 31-year-old winery owner Jack Brooksbank, in October.

Watchers of the British royal family are already noticing, however, that Princess Eugenie has very different -- and much more lax -- rules than a more recently minted Duchess, Meghan Markle. For example, Princess Eugenie has an Instagram page -- where she's frequently seen sharing light-hearted posts and outfit-of-the-day pictures -- whereas Meghan Markle was required to give up all social media when she got engaged to Prince Harry.

These differences have led royal watchers to beg the question: why is the Princess allowed more "regular" privileges than the Duchess, and what title -- if any -- will her husband have when they tie the knot?

The Daily Express has exclusively revealed Queen Elizabeth II's plans for Jack Brooksbank, and they revealed that he will not, in fact, receive a royal title from "The Firm."

What's more, Brooksbank's failure to get a title has nothing to do with any snubbing on the Queen's part, and everything to do with history. In 1963, the Hon. Mr. Angus Ogilvy turned down an earldom when he married Princess Alexandra. Likewise, when Princess Anne married Mark Phillips, he too turned down an earldom.

Princess Eugenie, however, could choose to give up her title -- but British royal watchers believe that this would be unlikely.

Eugenie, like her sister Princess Beatrice, is not considered a "working royal" -- neither Princess is listed on the official royal.uk website -- and therefore, they are permitted to enjoy things that "regular" people enjoy, and that includes social media accounts, even though said social media accounts are subject to the discretion of the British royal family.