Taylor Swift Fires Her Long-Time Dancer Toshie Over Sexist Memes

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Taylor Swift, 28, ended up firing her long-time backup dancer Toshie due to his spree of crude and offensive sexist posts on social media.

On Sunday, the dancer missed Taylor’s headline performance at BBC Radio’s Biggest Weekend, according to a Daily Mail report. One of T Swift’s closest friends, Toshie had worked with her since her 1989 tour in 2014.

Fans screenshotted sexist memes the dancer posted on his Instagram story last week before he made his Instagram account with 76.9 thousand followers private. Still, the damage was done, and Taylor was livid according to reports.

According to a Cosmopolitan report, the series of memes included inappropriate jokes about women going back to the “kitchen” as well as “jokes” featuring sexual assault. After the outcry, Toshie posted a meme on his account @ToshiAdventures that said, “If you can’t take a joke this isn’t the place for you.”

Unfortunately for him and Swift, the so-called “jokes” weren’t so much funny as they were incredibly offensive. Ultimately, the singer, who certainly has a sense of humor about some things, ended up removing him from her group of dancers despite their long friendship.

A source said, “She has considered him one of her closest friends on the road after recruiting him for her 1989 tour back in 2014. But she simply cannot endorse this behavior and to do so would be setting a bad example to her fans.”


Previously, Swift donated $50,000 to a Go Fund Me campaign for Toshie’s nephew Ayden Brown, who had alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, in September 2015. Sadly, the little boy passed away in November 2017 at the age of three.

Swift recently won her lawsuit against DJ David Mueller for groping her during a photo op. A judge ordered him to pay her a symbolic $1 in damages, and Swift felt the win was a win for all women. That’s one reason why her former backup dancer’s posting spree of such hateful memes against women looked particularly awful to fans.

While neither Taylor Swift nor Toshie have commented further on the situation, the singer obviously made the only choice she could have made in this situation. Giving her strong pro-woman stance, she could not continue to employ a backup dancer who posted so many offensive sexist memes like the ones Toshie posted.

While he called them “jokes,” there isn’t anything funny at all about sexism or sexual assault. Toshie’s bizarre unfunny posting spree went well beyond anything that might be considered funny.