Man Responsible For Shoplifting Spree At Walmart: Repeated Television Theft

Marple, PA – Matthew Colleluori, 33, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, after attempting to steal his fifth big-screen LCD television from the Marple Crossroads Center Walmart. He was confronted by store security and evaded police over several jurisdictions before being detained by authorities.

The shoplifting spree began on January 17, according to the Delaware County Daily Times, when Matthew entered the Walmart on South State Road, and loaded his first big-screen LCD television into the cart. He wheeled it towards the entrance of the store, and made his escape with the merchandise, simply running through the automatic doors.

Two days later Matthew returned to the scene of the crime, loaded up a second television, and fled similarly as he had the first time, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Police Chief Tommy Murray said, “He came back on the 21st and does the same thing.” Not satisfied with just two televisions, Matthew returned and stole his third.

Tuesday morning, Matthew was back again. Before he could be stopped by security, Matthew was out the door with yet another television, his fourth in as many days. You would think four would be more than plenty, however, Matthew brazenly returned several hours later, loading up his fifth television.

“He came back this afternoon, the second time today, and still has the TV in the car from the first time,” Murray said. “Security knows who he is and confronts him. He assaults the security people and flees.”

Store security was able to get the tag number of the getaway car and called police.

A police officer in the area spotted the car and pursued, but had to discontinue the chase when Matthew began to drive recklessly. Other police departments were notified and Matthew was later taken into custody, along with an unidentified female passenger. Police do not believe she is involved in the thefts.

Matthew Colleluori, of Wildwood, New Jersey and Lutz, Florida, has charged with five counts of receiving stolen property, retail theft, assault on store security, aggravated assault for ramming police car, fleeing and eluding, hit and run of an attended vehicle, and weapons offenses.