‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tuesday’s Show Has Progress For Drew, But Andre’s Hesitant And Peter’s Taunting

Craig SjodinABC

Drew Cain, played by Billy Miller, has been anxious to uncover his true memories and move forward in his new life as himself, shedding the leftover pieces of Jason Morgan’s life that he had been living. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will have some options to consider during Tuesday’s show and throughout the rest of the week, but he may determine that there is no easy way to recover what’s truly his.

TV Source Magazine explains that Drew will connect with Andre to talk about the risky procedure that could remove all of Jason’s memories from his mind, and he hopes this will ultimately allow him to restore his own memories. Kim voiced her concerns over this path of restoration, but Drew is determined and he will talk with Andre about moving forward. However, General Hospital spoilers detail that the doctor will be hesitant as well.

Viewers will see Andre note that he is reluctant to take such a big risk with Drew and his memories. While the procedure could be successful, it could also go horribly wrong and ultimately cost Drew his life. Drew will ask Andre some tough questions about what’s holding him back on helping, and it sounds as if the two will agree to move forward later in the week.


Peter is currently sitting in a jail cell now that his true identity as Henrik has been revealed. Everybody wants a piece of him at this point, and General Hospital spoilers share that Drew is on that long list. Soon Drew will visit Peter at the PCPD, and Peter will make it clear that he holds the key to those memories, namely the flash drive with what Drew needs.

Of course, Peter isn’t about to just hand that flash drive over to Drew. He is desperate to regain the upper hand, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll try to use the flash drive as leverage. He’ll tell Drew that there’s a price to pay in order to acquire the drive and this will likely set the stage for a difficult decision that will put Drew at odds with Jason if he accepts the deal.

Where does this all ultimately lead? SheKnows Soaps hints that some of Drew’s memories could wreak more havoc in his life than he anticipated, and soon viewers will see Sam working with Curtis on a case that puts her back in both Jason and Drew’s lives in difficult ways. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be a complicated journey for Drew, and the outcome may shake things up for everybody in his orbit. Tune in to Tuesday’s episode to see what comes next and stay tuned for teasers about what’s going to develop in the episodes ahead.