‘Destiny 2’ Update Delivers Exotic Armor Changes But Faction Rallies And PTR Test Server Not Available Yet

Bungie / Activision

Destiny 2 received the 1.2.1 update Tuesday across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC but Guardians should not expect Faction Rallies or the Crucible Labs PTR-like playlist to be available yet. Instead, a handful of Exotic Armor updates, a new Exotic weapon Catalyst, plus various fixes to activities are now live.

Faction Rallies have had a bit of a troubled history in Destiny 2 since the game’s launch last September. Bungie has not quite found the right balance to make the PVE event. Today’s update does include changes to the event, but Bungie is not activating it for this week and further information will not be revealed until the weekly “This Week at Bungie” article on Thursday, May 31.

Likewise, Crucible Labs was delivered to Destiny 2 without it being available in any Crucible playlist. As previously covered, this will be a Public Test Realm (PTR) like playlist where Bungie will test changes to the game and new game modes. The studio does not plan to have it active all the time and will announce when it the first batch of experimental content will be ready for Guardians to experience.

Exotic Armor Changes

What is active in Destiny 2 with the 1.2.1 update is the first collection of Exotic Armor updates. Bungie is splitting the armor updates between today’s patch and another planned for the summer with the goal of giving the armor the same kind of refresh weapons received with the release of the Warmind expansion.

The first Exotic Armor updates feature two pieces from each of the three main Destiny 2 classes for a total of six. Here is a high-level overview of the changes for each:


Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves

  • Switching to a Sidearm when critically wounded increases its damage by double in PVE and 1.33x in PVP.

The Dragon’s Shadow

  • Dodge reloads all weapons simultaneously and grants an additional +5 mobility.


Lion Rampant

  • Titans can hipfire while jumping and receive bonus hipfire accuracy while airborne.


  • Grants a melee damage bonus of 3x in PVE and 2x in PVP when surrounded by three or more enemies and buffs Super ability damage by 50 percent.


Lunafaction Boots

  • Activating a Rift and standing in it while wearing these boots will continuously reload weapons for the Warlock and his allies. Additionally, Empowering Rift grants a boost to weapon range and aim assist.


  • Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar grenade duration for a short duration.

New Catalyst

The MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle now has a new catalyst for Destiny 2 players to chase. It can be obtained by playing the Crucible. The requirements to completely unlock the Catalyst have not been revealed yet.


The “Exodus Crash” Strike has been removed from the Heroic Strike playlist, as Bungie promised. The Strike is going back in for an overhaul with no timeline of its return.

Meanwhile, Heroic Strikes have been updated to award Escalation Protocol Key Fragments and have a 25 percent chance to award Powerful Engrams up to 360 Power. The lack of progression past the 345 Power level soft cap outside of Weekly Milestones and the Raids had been a common complaint among players since the release of Warmind.

Bug Fixes

Bungie included various bug fixes for weapons like the Skyburner’s Oath and SUROS Regime with today’s update. Other fixes were delivered for the “Warsat Down” public event on Mars plus Strikes, Raids, and the Warmind campaign.