‘Bachelorette’ Suitor Garrett Faces Backlash, Social Media Activity Prompts Worries Of Suitability With Becca

Craig SjodinABC

Becca Kufrin’s journey as ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 lead has debuted, and already she said she’s engaged and in love. According to gossip king Reality Steve, suitor Garrett Yrigoyen is one of the men worth keeping an eye on this season, as he’s definitely a contender for that final rose. However, some alleged social media activity of his has caught people’s attention, and it’s making many wonder if he’s ultimately the right man for Kufrin. What’s the scoop?

Former Bachelor fan-favorite contestant Ashley Spivey first started digging into this situation on Twitter ahead of the Bachelorette premiere. She had been sent a number of screenshots that show what appears to be previous “likes” from Garrett Yrigoyen, and they quickly generated a lot of buzz among Becca Kufrin’s fans.

The likes allegedly previously made by Yrigoyen definitely follow a certain pattern. The likes that have been at the center of this sudden controversy pop up on posts critical of liberals, feminists, David Hogg from the Parkland shooting crisis, immigrants, transgender individuals, former NFL star and protester Colin Kaepernick, and so on.

Of course, if these are Garrett’s personal views, he has every right to have them. The concern that Spivey brought up, and a lot of her Bachelorette fan followers agree, is that Kufrin’s made it quite clear she has different views. For example, Becca recently retweeted a post from former Vice President Joe Biden about inclusivity in regards to LGBTQ youth.

There are other posts Becca’s had on social media that make it clear she’s pretty liberal when it comes to politics, which would be quite the opposite of what it would appear Garrett’s views are. While Spivey got a fair amount of criticism thrown her way for her thread, she and numerous other Bachelorette stars worry that Kufrin could be headed for heartbreak again if she picks Yrigoyen and these alleged likes are truly representative of his viewpoints.

As this all blew up, Garrett deleted his Instagram page that appeared to be linked to the controversial postings. According to the Huffington Post, they were able to find additional likes seemingly made by Yrigoyen’s now-deleted Instagram account, often on controversial posts on the Merica Supply Co. Instagram page.

Reality Steve says that he’s not convinced that this activity was legitimately Yrigoyen’s, as he thinks the timing is a bit too convenient. At this point, Garrett has not commented on the situation, and he’s seemingly scrapped his old Instagram account and opened a fresh one. Do these supposed likes represent his views and did Kufrin know this side of him during filming?

Opposites may attract, and even work out at times, but many Bachelorette fans worry that this could ultimately be too large a gap to bridge and Becca could ultimately be left single and heartbroken again. Stay tuned for additional Bachelorette spoilers and tidbits on this potential Garrett Yrigoyen social media bombshell as more information emerges, and tune in to ABC Monday nights to watch Becca Kufrin’s search for love.