‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Week Of May 29 Brings Carly’s Trial, Henrik Scrambling, And Kiki’s Determination

Rick RowellABC

There was no new episode of General Hospital on Monday for Memorial Day, but spoilers for the rest of the week tease that things will be intense. Carly’s still facing charges for Nelle’s fall, and Henrik is behind bars, but he isn’t giving up on regaining his freedom. A new District Attorney will be trying to make a name for herself and Kiki is ready to fight back against the harassment she’d endured from Dr. Bensch.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that viewers will see a bit of Franco during Tuesday’s episode, and he’s apparently feeling resistant to supporting someone. Carly is going to be frustrated by the challenges she’s facing in her upcoming trial and Andre is said to be hesitant over helping Drew with his request.

Kiki has been facing unwelcome attention from Dr. Bensch and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll be left angry over information she’s about to get. As the week continues, Henrik will taunt Drew that he has the resources to restore his memories, but Drew will face a steep price to get what he wants. Anna is focused on the situation with her son, but Finn will be reaching out and trying to woo her back romantically.

Alexis will be trying to deal with the messy state of her love life and Jason is said to be noncommittal about something ahead. Viewers will see Obrecht popping up, and she’ll surely be anxious to face off against Henrik and tear into him for his role in Nathan’s death. In addition, Valentin will continue to try to repair the damage he’s done, but it sounds as if he’ll face a lot of resistance.


There’s some back-and-forth between Griffin and Ava ahead and Maxie will be doing her best to cope with feeling foolish. Jason will be lending his support to someone, perhaps Carly, and she’ll be doing her best to spin things in a positive way.

Soap Central adds that Nina will receive an odd text message this week and Anna will do her best to connect with her estranged son. Sam is facing some intense worries and former Young and Restless star Elizabeth Hendrickson will begin airing in her new role as the district attorney.

Can Carly convince the court that she didn’t push Nelle down the stairs? How far will Henrik go to regain control of his life? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be messy on multiple fronts this week and viewers can’t wait to see where it all heads next.