Demi Lovato Apologizes To Fans For Performing With A Black Eye After Being Punched In The Face

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Demi Lovato issued an apology to fans after performing a show in Antwerp, Belgium, with a black eye. The star apologized to concertgoers during the show in the European city on May 28, where she explained that she was forced to wear big sunglasses during the entire show because she’d been injured during a fitness training session. She also addressed the incident on social media, joking that she’d been in a fight.

“You should see the other guy…. jk…” Lovato told fans on Twitter shortly after leaving the stage, joking about her injury. “Thanks for understanding Antwerp!!!! Incredible audience tonight!! I love you!!”

Demi then jokingly added a number of sunglasses-wearing emojis to her tweet, poking a little fun at herself for having to keep her shades on while performing indoors.

Lovato’s message for her fans in Antwerp came shortly after a concertgoer uploaded a video of the singer apologizing to the crowd for covering her eyes with the large shades for the entire show.

In the video shared on Twitter by social media user @maloucamila, Lovato told fans who attended her Antwerp gig that she had sustained the injury while boxing.

“I want to apologize for wearing sunglasses tonight, but I was sparring with somebody,” Demi said of how she ended up with a black eye. “If you know me, you know I love to fight and I love to box, and I was sparring with somebody and they got me in the face.”

Lovato then continued while explaining her decision to shield her eyes during the concert, “I didn’t want to cancel the show tonight, so we’re going to put on a heck of a show anyways!”

The crowd could then be heard cheering the star on in the video, though Demi opted not to reveal her black eye during the concert and instead kept her eyes covered throughout the entire show.

Demi has been open about her love of boxing to keep fit and healthy on multiple occasions before, even giving fans a glimpse at a session with her trainer in her candid documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated which debuted on YouTube last year.

Demi Lovato performs show with a black eye after boxing accident
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Speaking to Nylon about featuring her fitness routine in her documentary, Lovato revealed that she’d actually been training in MMA for more than a year.

“For over a year now I’ve been training in MMA, so I’ve been doing everything from boxing and kickboxing to jiujitsu,” she said in October 2017 of her love of the sport.

Self reported that Demi has also been showing off her boxing skills across social media, posting various videos to Instagram of herself sparring in the ring.

In one caption that showed Lovato battling it out with her partner with her big boxing gloves on, she said that the workout is “by far one of the hardest [she’s] ever done.”

But despite sustaining the injury to her face as a result of her love of boxing, Demi is expected to continue on with her big tour around Europe.

Zumic reports that Lovato’s next show on her 2018 tour will be in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 30.