‘One Piece’ Chapter 905 May Have Revealed Navy Admiral Ryokugyu’s Devil Fruit Abilities

jennifer Broun ConorFlickr / Cropped and Resized

One Piece Chapter 905 featured the first appearance of Navy Admiral Ryokugyu. Ryokugyu and Fujitora are both named as Navy Admirals when Aokiji left the marine and Akainu was promoted as the new Navy Fleet Admiral. In the latest chapter of One Piece, only the shape of Ryokugyu was shown, but his conversation with Fujitora may have given fans a hint regarding his devil fruit abilities.

In a garden somewhere in the new Marineford, Fujitora was seen eating together with Ryokugyu. Based on how they talked, it seems like the two Navy Admirals have a good relationship. Fujitora revealed the “incredible things” Doctor Vegapunk built that may put an end to the Shichibukai system. The blind Navy Admiral has been campaigning for the removal of the Seven Warlords of the Seas as World Government allies, especially after he learned what happened in the Alabasta Kingdom under the hands of Crocodile and witnessed Donquixote Doflamingo’s true color at Dressrosa.

During their discussion, Fujitora offered Ryokugyu some food, but the latter refused and said that he will only eat if a “babe” will be there to feed him. Ryokugyu revealed that it has been three years since he last ate. Fans at One Piece Forum believe Ryokugyu’s ability to survive despite not eating anything could give some information regarding the devil fruit he ate.

According to a fan named Admiral Ryokugyu, the newest Navy Admiral may have eaten a logia type of devil fruit related to vegetation. He speculated that Ryokugyu could be a plant man who has the abilities to manipulate trees and other related things. This could be the reason why he no longer sees the need to eat since plants only need water, oxygen, and sunlight to live.

“As you know, each Admiral has a nickname formed by two words: a color and an animal. The color refers to the Admiral’s ability and the animal to his personality. ( Kizaru = Yellow Monkey, Akainu = Red Dog, Fujitora = Purple Tiger, Aokiji = Blue Pheasant, and Ryokugyu = Green Bull.) Now if we take the color Green, the first thing you can think of is vegetation. Since he was mentioned by Doflamingo, a theory emerged, it said that Ryokugyu has a Logia plant Devil Fruit. He’s like a plant man, and he can manipulate trees and everything related to that.”


Other fans at One Piece Forum found the theory about Ryokugyu convincing, and most of them are excited to see him use his devil fruit power. With the presence of Sabo and other members of Revolutionary Army in the Reverie, it will not be a surprise if fans see Ryokugyu in action soon. One Piece Chapter 906 could give us more information about Navy Admiral Ryokugyu and his devil fruit abilities.