‘American Chopper’ Spoilers: Find Out What It Took For Paul Teutul Sr. And Son, Paul Jr., To Bury The Hatchet

Rob GriffithAP Images

Bringing American Chopper back to the air after a five-year absence wasn’t easy, and fans this season will likely get to see how Paul Teutul, Sr., and son, Paul, Jr., had to mend their relationship to make it work in the shop again.

The fiery relationship between the father-and-son pair was a centerpiece of the show’s original run, starting in the early 2000s, but it was also what led them to take the show off the air nearly five years ago. They have since been able to mend the once-broken relationship to revive the popular series, as Maxim reported, and now fans will likely see how that happened.

Bringing the pair back together was not easy, as executive producer Craig Piligian told Variety. Piligian said he was not originally slated to be part of the reboot, but was called in to help bring along the show as the father and son worked out the kinks in their relationship.

“There was a lot of bad language between me and the two boys,” he said. “But we were up there for about a day and a half, and eventually we agreed it would be best if I took over the show, and the other company stepped aside. But it was rough. It wasn’t very much fun, and a lot of bad blood was spilled at the beginning of it all. And now everything’s great.”

Though there were some rumors that the original drama was played up for the cameras, the relationship between Paul, Sr. and Paul, Jr. became incredibly strained in the years after the show went off the air, with both filing lawsuits against the other. Paul, Jr. went on to open his own bike shop and called his dad a “monster” in a book he wrote, Maxim reported.


But things got better somewhere along the way, the report noted, and Paul, Sr. told the New York Post that they are now closer than ever before.

The preview episode of American Chopper already gave fans a glimpse of what it took for the pair to reunite. The episode showed both men working in their separate shops, then coming together to restore a bike that had been vandalized.

Paul, Sr. said that he and his son love each other and can once again be around each other, but not necessarily in a work setting. That means viewers who watch the newest season of American Chopper will see a kinder relationship, and may get some insight into what it took for the men to bury the hatchet, but they may not always see them in the same shop.