Dean Cain Speaks In Defense Of Morgan Freeman, James Caan

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

It seems a line in the sand is ever-widening between proponents and skeptics of the ongoing Me Too movement. Less than a year after the Me Too hashtag went viral on Twitter, Hollywood is seeing many of its beloved celebrities ex-communicated from the public eye, as victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape, come forward with fingers pointed in the direction of people once-considered untouchable.

Most recently, actor Morgan Freeman (Seven, March of the Penguins) has come under intense public scrutiny after being accused of numerous incidents of sexual harassment. In response to the accusations, the 80-year-old Hard Rain actor has met these accusations and prospects of being blacklisted with a defiant tone, asserting his innocence.

While fellow celebs seem shy to come to the defense of those accused, some skepticism has been expressed. Just last week, The Godfather actor James Caan expressed his issues with Me Too amid the Freeman accusations, and today, Dean Cain has joined the ranks of the unconvinced.

In a video posted by TMZ, Dean Cain, formerly the host of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, seemed largely unconvinced by the accusations against Morgan Freeman in-particular, while seeming to empathize with James Caan’s perspective on the matter. While Cain did express sympathy to victims of sexual assault, he also appeared to take as much umbrage with the court of public opinion.

“As much as victim’s rights are important… It’s a tough position. I believe that a man shouldn’t approach and go in and go too far. Women shouldn’t do it either and I’ve seen it go both ways. I think we’re at an interesting point right now. Maybe sometimes it goes a little too far one way… it’ll swing back, we’ll find a center at some point in time. But as far as… if I saw a really beautiful girl [and] I wanted to talk to her… I’d still talk to her.”

Actor Dean Cain suggests that the allegations against Morgan Freeman should be handled in a court of law, rather than taken at face value.Featured image credit: Araya DiazGetty Images

Cain’s remarks, which seem to suggest an over-correction, precede the actor’s departure from reporters, though he makes certain to mention the fact that Morgan Freeman has yet to be convicted of any crime, or even be formally charged. Dean’s candidness about the issue following fellow actor James Caan’s hot take, may well be indicative of a forthcoming descent among those in the movie industry.

Morgan Freeman, himself, doesn’t seem to be taking the accusations lying down, a move which deviates from the handling of sexual assault and harassment accusations against people like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Bill Cosby.

Dean Cain, 51, is best-known as the star of the ’90s television show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. He endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States in 2016. Donald Trump, who would inevitably go on to win the presidency, has his own set of accusers.

Approximately 16 women have come forward accusing Trump of numerous different sexual offenses, which the president largely ignores and dismisses. Dean Cain joins fellow celebrities Scott Baio and Kid Rock, in his open support for Trump.