Hailey Baldwin Goes On Record About Dating Rumors

Noam GalaiGetty Images

Hailey Baldwin is setting the record straight on her dating status. The 21-year-old model recently told The Times U.K. that she is “single,” effectively squashing those rampant rumors about her and Shawn Mendes. After Hailey and Shawn were photographed on the red carpet at the 2018 Met Gala, the relationship rumors hit a fever pitch. But Baldwin says she is just friends with the 19-year-old singer.

“We hang out and he’s super-lovely and a very, very nice young gentleman,” Baldwin told the Times. “But I am single.”

Baldwin went on to say the dating pool is “small,” then added, “It’s rare to find somebody that has the same ideas and morals as me. I have found people like that before, though, which is refreshing.”

One of those people was Justin Bieber. Back in 2015, Hailey and the “Never Say Never” singer were linked together after a PDA-packed social media showing. Hailey maintains she was friends with Biebs for a long time before it turned into something else. They later had a long period of estrangement, then moved past it. But the experience could be why she is avoiding a relationship with another high-profile musical heartthrob such as Mendes.

“I’d never been through [a high-profile relationship] like that,” Baldwin said of her time with Bieber. “But it brought both of us to the realization that we just work much better as friends. He’s somebody I really cherish. Now it’s a very mature situation. It’s good.”

While a romance with Bieber is a thing of the past, Hailey Baldwin’s new comments about Shawn Mendes mirror what the “In My Blood” singer has said about their relationship.

In an interview with W magazine, Mendes talked about his attending the Gala with Hailey Baldwin. The two stars were photographed arm in arm on the red carpet and sat together at designer Tommy Hilfiger’s table.

“We’re really good friends,” Shawn said of Hailey. “I’m happy to walk with her—she’s amazing.”

Shawn also told E! News point blank, “I am single.” The singer described the Met Ball as “an incredible experience” and said he was happy to accompany a veteran like Baldwin to the event.


“I was so lucky for my first time going there to be able to go with someone like Hailey because she’s such a vet and I really admire people like her because of how outgoing she is in such an overwhelming experience,” Mendes told E!

There have been rumors about a romance between Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin ever since they were spotted getting cozy at a Halloween party at Delilah in West Hollywood last fall. An insider told Us Weekly that two stars “were holding hands and cuddling up to each other” throughout the bash.

Hollywood Life later reported the two were allegedly seen kissing at an EMAs after party, and paparazzi spotted them together in Mendes’ Toronto hometown over the holidays.

Of course, Hailey Baldwin acknowledges why shippers could be getting the wrong idea.

“He’s a friend of mine and we hang out, so I see why people obviously want to make assumptions,” Baldwin told Access Hollywood of her friendship with Shawn Mendes. “Any guy I hang out with people are like, ‘Oh, she must be dating him or something’s going on,’ but I don’t ever really feel like I have to explain myself. It’s kind of my business and the other person’s business. That’s it.”