Kevin Smith Confirms Jay And Silent Bob Will Return To The Big Screen In 2019

Recently reported right here at the Inquisitr, Comic Book Men host Kevin Smith was troubled by the prospect of his Clerks III aspirations being thwarted by actor Jeff Anderson. Although the future of reviving old properties was beginning to look grim, Comic Book confirms that Smith officially plans to release another entry to his successful View Askewniverse in 2019 with a second film dedicated to the mascots of Smith's cinematic universe, Jay and Silent Bob, aptly titled Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith seemed confident that the project would not fail to launch, as with his prior attempts to revive Mallrats, Dogma, and of course Clerks.

Kevin Smith was casual in his willingness to divulge plot details, even going so far as to say that the upcoming "reboot" would be very near the same movie as its predecessor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

"It's a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time," the filmmaker stated.

Smith hopes to begin filming this anticipated continuation of his titular heroes in August of this year. The 47-year-old director of over 10 films will also star in the film alongside his regular cohort, Jason Mewes.

Getty Images | Ethan Miller

While the relationship between Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith has been something of an iconic image, representing stoner humor and filthy-yet-clever dialogue spanning three decades, things haven't always been fun and games for the duo.

In 2006, Smith released a 10-part series of profanity-laden blog entries, detailing Jason Mewes' struggle with heroin addiction, among other substances. He also details the harrowing effects of that addiction on Smith's family, Smith's ability to create, and on Smith himself, emotionally. At one point, the director even went on to describe Jason Mewes' drug habits as being a significant detriment to the production of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Since the passing of such a dark cloud, Jason Mewes has gotten sober and his best friend, Kevin Smith, was delighted to invite the recovered actor back into the spotlight, as Mewes slipped seamlessly back into the role of Jay in the 2006 film, Clerks II. Since that time, the two characters most synonymous with Smith's work have not appeared in any feature films. Kevin Smith went on to direct a serious horror film, titled Red State, a horror/comedy, titled Tusk, and a companion piece to Tusk, titled Yoga Hosers, starring his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith.