WWE Ranks All 19 'Money In The Bank' Cash-Ins, And Some Of Them Are Likely To Be Controversial

It's hard to believe that there has been 19 WWE Money in the Bank ladder matches and cash-ins, at least, hard to believe for those well over the age of 20. With the pay-per-view just weeks away, on June 17, the WWE has ranked all of the MITB contract cash-ins. As with any sports or entertainment list, some of the choices will probably make sense to many fans and others are likely to be questioned.

  1. Baron Corbin (2017)
This is one of the few times that the holder of the coveted briefcase didn't win the title after cashing it in. Corbin interrupted a match between Jinder Mahal and John Cena, and "The Lone Wolf" was immediately pinned by "The Modern Day Maharaja."
  1. John Cena (2012)
John Cena was the first WWE superstar to unsuccessfully use his MITB contract. He challenged champion CM Punk, but Big Show interfered causing a disqualification, and Punk remained the champ.
  1. Damien Sandow (2013)
Just a year later, Sandow unsuccessfully used his opportunity against a victorious John Cena.
  1. Jack Swagger (2010)
During SmackDown, while Chris Jericho was injured in the ring, Jack Swagger made good use of the opportunity to become the world heavyweight champion.
  1. CM Punk (2009)
The fact that neither of Punk's two huge cash-ins are in the Top 10 seem a bit suspect. It could be because of the recent bad blood between him and the WWE, or it could just be coincidence. But WWE.com gives this reason for his low positions on the Money in the Bank rankings.
"The only reason CM Punk's two Money in the Bank cash-ins are on the low end of this list is that they are so wildly overshadowed by his achievements in the back end of his WWE career."
As polite and flattering as that is, and by using that logic, then No. 5 and No. 1 on this list would have to be lower as well. But WWE politics aside, this MITB moment made fans go nuts. This was the second time Punk utilized the contract, and he beat Jeff Hardy for the world heavyweight title.
  1. Alberto Del Rio (2011)
Alberto Del Rio used his contract to beat the aforementioned "Best in the World" to become champion.
  1. CM Punk (2008)
The WWE universe was truly shocked when the straight-edged superstar defeated Edge to win his first WWE world title.
  1. Edge (2007)
This was "The Rated-R Superstar's" second cash-in, and he did so against The Undertaker to successfully win the strap.

11 & 10. Tie: Randy Orton (2013) and Sheamus (2015)

A tie on a ranked list is usually a bit disappointing, but the WWE article describes their decision with sound logic.

"They say history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. In that case, the near-identical cash-ins of Randy Orton and Sheamus were a lovely bit of in-ring verse. Both were former champions years removed from their previous World Titles. Both cashed in on a vulnerable champion at the end of a grueling battle (Daniel Bryan had just beaten John Cena when Orton came calling, while Sheamus pounced on Roman Reigns after a tournament final)."
  1. Carmella (2018)
Some could argue that this should be higher on the list, if for no other reason, it's WWE history. Carmella was the first-ever woman to win the MITB ladder match and the first to successfully use the contract to become the women's champion, pinning a beaten down Charlotte Flair.

WWE superstar Carmella after cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase.
  1. Daniel Bryan (2011)
This occurred way before Bryan ever grew out his hair or beard, and the "American Dragon" cashed in his contract against a vulnerable Big Show to win the belt.
  1. Kane (2010)
This was another historic WWE moment as Kane was the first wrestler to use his contract the same night he won it at MITB 2010. "The Devil's Favorite Demon" beat Rey Mysterio to win the strap.
  1. Rob Van Dam (2006)
ECW fans loved this one; RVD used the contract to become the title-bearer at ECW One Night Stand against John Cena.
  1. Edge (2006)
This was the first time a MITB contract had ever been utilized, and after Edge beat John Cena, the WWE knew it was going to be a huge success.
  1. The Miz (2010)
"The A-Lister" used the contract to defeat Randy Orton becoming the WWE champion. This was also the match that gave us the famous "Angry Miz Girl."
  1. Dean Ambrose (2016)
Ambrose beat his former Shield brother, Seth Rollins, to win the gold.
  1. Dolph Ziggler (2013)
"The Showoff" defeated Alberto Del Rio to become the champion during a match on Raw. It's been a long time since a live audience has responded to a title change like this, and many fans and experts felt like Ziggler was destined to become a multi-time world champion. But unfortunately, Dolph has yet to see a decent run since that explosive night on Raw.
  1. Seth Rollins (2015)
"The Kingslayer" became the first WWE superstar to use the Money in the Bank contract at a WrestleMania. While Brock Lesnar was battling Roman Reigns, Rollins interrupted the match, pinned Reigns, and became the champ. The live audience erupted with relief as most fans were worried that Roman would walk away that night as WWE champion.