Publicist Says ‘Nobody Is Banned From Nobu’ After Robert De Niro Seemed To Bar Donald Trump From Restaurant

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Robert De Niro is still not a fan of Donald Trump, and he is holding to his statement that he would walk out of any restaurant or room where Trump enters, but officially Donald Trump is not banned from Nobu. De Niro is a co-owner of all of the Nobu restaurants, and still stands by his statement that Trump is an “idiot.”

But PageSix says that a publicist for De Niro has confirmed that Trump is allowed to dine at any Nobu location if he wishes. De Niro’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield confirmed that nobody is ever banned from Nobu unless they behave badly at the restaurant.

“Nobody is banned from Nobu, regardless of what you read.”

A Nobu source confirmed that unless you abuse the staff or get drunk, you are welcome at the restaurant.

“It’s a restaurant. It’s not a political forum.”

And despite De Niro’s personal feelings about Trump, Rosenfield says that Nobu is not closed to anyone.

“No matter how many times you choose to rephrase the question, the answer remains, no one is banned from coming to dinner at Nobu.”

But De Niro still does not have to keep company with Trump.

“[If Trump] walked into a restaurant I was in, I’d walk out.”

Even though several sources reported that a skewed version of the story, Eater reported that De Niro had banned Trump from eating in his restaurants, but the quote actually said if Trump was in a room, it is De Niro who would leave, calling it his personal walk out policy.


“I don’t care what he likes. If he walked into a restaurant I was in – I’d walk out.”

At this time, Nobu has three dozen locations around the world and is known for its sushi.

But the White House says that Donald Trump doesn’t really care if Robert De Niro bans him from Nobu or not, because he owns plenty of his own restaurants, says Mediaite. White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley says that Trump doesn’t care if De Niro doesn’t want him to dine at one of his upscale sushi spots because he has many alternatives around the world.

“I don’t think the president is planning on attending a dinner at Nobu anytime soon. Look, Hollywood people grandstand all the time.”

Gidley added that De Niro’s behavior is typical of “liberal celebrity elitists” who posture but don’t care enough about the country or the American people.