Dua Lipa Sparks Controversy By Launching ‘Accessible’ Clothing Line That Doesn’t Carry Sizes Above 16

Michael ReganGetty Images

Singer Dua Lipa announced an exciting, accessible clothing line recently. However, the new fashion line sparked controversy because they only go up to size 16.

According to a report from The Independent, the Dua Lipa plans to debut a clothing line she’s collaborating on with H&M brand /Nyden. The styles are slated to hit stores in the fall.

The “One Kiss” singer made her announcement via Twitter. She wrote, “My loves, I have some news for you. I’ve started designing a capsule collection with @WeAreNyden and I’m bringing four drops with the first one coming out this fall. I’m so excited for you to see these, can’t wait!”

Excited fans quickly ran with the news, and they asked Lipa questions about her upcoming clothing line. They wanted to know if the clothing would carry plus sizes and if it would be unisex.

Dua Lipa’s response left many fans dismayed at her lack of understanding about what accessibility in clothing actually means. In a post that’s since been deleted, she wrote, “Yes, what I’ve wanted to do with this collection is so that it’s universal and accessible for everyone. It goes up to a size 16 UK.”

Lipa told Vogue UK she felt thrilled to design her first clothing line after conquering the pop world. The singer said, “My first love is music, but fashion also plays an important role in my life because I believe it’s so vital to self-expression. I look for clothes that reflect strength and fearlessness but also match up to today’s fast pace. So I’m excited to be co-creating with /Nyden on my designs – it’s going to be a collection that’s completely suited to me, both onstage and off, and for my fans.”

After learning that the brand only carries up to size 16, some of the singer’s fans don’t feel the pop singer’s new clothing brand will represent them in any way, and it is a massive letdown to them. The fact that a size 16 is the average size in the United Kingdom means that a good portion of her fans might find the clothing unavailable in their sizes.

Fans immediately took her to task asking her if she’s out of touch after less than a year of being a star. Still, others explained that larger people enjoyed her music too, and some people attempted to explain the struggle that women face trying to find cute plus sized clothing.

So far, there’s no word on if the line may someday include extended sizes. Also, there’s no word on the smallest sizes the singer’s new brand will stock.