Patriots Fans Taunt Torrey Smith About Brother’s Death After Championship Game

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith suffered the tremendous loss of his younger brother, Tevin Jones, in the middle of the season. After beating the Patriots and advancing to the Super Bowl, Smith says New England fans could not have been less sensitive about the subject.

In September Tevin Jones was killed in a motorcycle accident. The tragedy united the Ravens’ locker room and Smith had a career day in his brother’s honor.

After the AFC Championship victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, Smith says he became the victim of vicious tweets from New England fans. The tweets in question were aimed at the death of his brother.

Torrey Smith responded to his “haters” on Twitter. He tweets:

“Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday…yet NE fans cry about class.”

Marc Sessler of the NFL Network chimes in with some thoughts of his own:

“Twitter can be a comfortable home to classless, vapid behavior. It’s better to expect the worst, but anyone going after Smith for the death of a family member has outdone Suggs by a country mile. The fierce rivalry between these two teams is one of the best in the NFL. Some of the antics surrounding the game itself we could do without.”

Sessler is referring to Raven linebacker Terrell Suggs. Directly after beating the Patriots Suggs called New England fans:

“The most arrogant (expletive) in the world.”

Sports fans across the country are incredibly passionate people. Still, is it ever okay to take aim at the death of family member because your team lost a game?

What do you think? Are you shocked at the behavior of a few overly-passionate football fans?