Los Angeles Lakers Invite LiAngelo Ball To A Workout — Could Reunite Him With His Brother, Lonzo

Alius KoroliovasGetty Images

Lonzo Ball and his younger brother, LiAngelo, could be reunited on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers want to at least take a look at LiAngelo Ball before deciding whether or not he is a fit for the team.

CBS Sports is reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers have officially sent LiAngelo Ball an invitation to a pre-draft workout on Tuesday. Ball spent last year playing for BC Prienu Vytautas in a Lithuanian basketball league. He will join five other NBA draft hopefuls during the workout.

The other prospects who will join Ball during the workout with the Lakers are Jaylen Adams, Tyus Battle, Devon Hall, Dusan Ristic, and Thomas Welsh.

It is certain that the Los Angeles Lakers will conduct a series of drills with LiAngelo Ball. There also could be some time spent with Ball playing one-on-one with the five other draft prospects. LiAngelo has an inside advantage over everyone else because of his older brother, Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball led the Los Angeles Lakers in assists during his rookie season. While things did not go completely as planned for the Lakers and Ball, there was several signs of promise for the young star.

The one weakness Lonzo Ball showed in his first season with the Lakers was his shaky jump shot. Many NBA observers are quick to point out Ball’s shooting form as a cause for concern. The elder Ball’s shot will improve once he quickens his release.

As for LiAngelo Ball, his jumper looked great during the NBA draft combine. His release was high and quick. Ball made shots when he was wide open, as well as when he was contested.

Did LiAngelo Ball’s performance do enough for the Los Angeles Lakers to give strong consideration in the draft? Also, can LiAngelo Ball coexist with Lonzo on a rising Los Angeles Lakers’ team?

It would not be a surprise if news is leaked about the Lakers having the Ball brothers facing each other during the workout. This way the Lakers can get some insight on how LiAngelo Ball fares against his brother as a professional.


If the Los Angeles Lakers draft LiAngelo Ball, it will bring to fruition a prediction made by his father, LaVar Ball.

The polarizing LaVar Ball once suggested that each of his sons would play together on the Lakers. However, there could be other teams lurking.

LiAngelo Ball turned some heads with his performance last week. It was not just the Lakers who were left intrigued, but several NBA team want to take a look at him.

According to the Mercury News, the Golden State Warriors will bring LiAngelo Ball in for a private workout next week. How Ball fares in his private workouts could determine if he is a first-round pick.

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the No. 25 pick. If LiAngelo Ball is still on the board, the Lakers might take him.