Drunk American Airlines Passenger Sparks Brawl, Threatens To Kill Seatmate After Being Denied Beer

Ruben Ramosistockphoto

American Airlines passenger Jason Felix probably woke up with more than a hangover the day after starting an altercation on flight 1293 from St. Croix to Miami. The Miami Herald reports that Felix, who was was upset at not getting more beer, argued with the flight attendant who cut him off and then proceeded to brawl with other passengers. The unruly passenger even threatened to kill his seatmate before he was subdued during the flight.

Fellow passenger Bill Bolduc recorded video footage of the altercation and posted them on May 23 to YouTube. The videos show the train wreck unfold as a drunken Jason Felix argues with the flight attendant and then goes on to rain blows and spit blood on a fellow passenger during the flight.

The shocking video footage begins by showing Jason Felix getting visibly upset when an American Airlines flight attendant told him he couldn’t buy any more beer.

“You need to please sit down, I’m not bringing you more beers. We will be there in an hour. Why do you have this attitude? You had a couple beers.”

The flight attendant had no choice in refusing to serve the inebriated Felix more beer after suspecting he was drunk. He could have broken the law if he continued to serve alcohol to a passenger that appeared to be intoxicated.

Felix then said to the flight attendant, “You’re my bartender?” The flight attendant answered him by exclaiming, “Yes, I’m your bartender!”

Fellow passengers tried to calm Felix down by talking to him, asking him to “relax” and “chill.” Felix was having none of it and began to strike the luggage compartments. He shouted at the passengers saying that that he was not going to relax.


According to the criminal complaint, Jason Felix then said that he was going to kill one of the passengers in the group that was trying to calm him down.

The flight attendant didn’t make it very far away from the man before he noticed the ruckus he left behind, When he turned around, he saw Felix wrapped around his seatmate, and they were hitting one another. The passenger later said that Felix had torn his shirt and “spit blood at him.” The flight attendant successfully separated them during the dust up.

The incident went on for more than an hour, and even after Felix stopped fighting, he remained disruptive. WSVN-7, who first reported the fight, was able to get a statement from Bolduc about Felix’s actions after the physical altercation. He said that Felix continued, “Hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point.”

Once the flight landed, Miami-Dade County police officers went in and escorted Jason Felix from the plane. The officers then handed him over to the FBI, which took him into custody.