May 27, 2018
Brandon Marshall Predicts Giants Will Be Contenders — Expects A Team To Sign Him Next Week

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is usually full of thoughts and opinions. The former New York Giants' receiver has some strong views about his last employer. Brandon Marshall's outlook when it comes to the Giants are what anyone would think.

Brandon Marshall has a positive opinion when it comes to the New York Giants. He believes that the Giants will be playoff contenders next season (courtesy of New York Post).

"A lot of people are sleeping on the Giants. I think they're a contender. I love the moves they made this offseason. I'm really excited to see those guys go out there and turn it around."
All signs of ill feelings were nonexistent for Brandon Marshall. He has been very complimentary of the Giants, who cut him (courtesy of ESPN) over a month ago.

Hoping to contribute last season on a Giants team which had playoff aspirations, Brandon Marshall was lost for the year early. Marshall was about not making an impact, but not upset with the organization for letting him go.

The New York Giants made a slew of moves this offseason. Wide receiver Russell Shepard is the Giants' most recent addition (courtesy of the NY Daily News).

While he has strong feelings about the New York Giants, as an NFL free agent, Brandon Marshall is primarily focused on where career will take him next.

According to TMZ, Brandon Marshall could be signed by a team next week. There is some speculation regarding which NFL team will bring him into training camp.

Brandon Marshall paid a visit to the Seattle Seahawks earlier in the month, according to The Seattle Times. However, Marshall left the Seahawks' facilities unsigned.

The Seattle Seahawks and Brandon Marshall are truly a good fit. The Seahawks offense is transitioning from a run-first scheme to one with run-pass options. Dynamic receivers are needed to incorporate that offensive style. Brandon Marshall, despite being an older pass-catcher, still fits the mold of a dynamic receiver when he is healthy.

Brandon Marshall is a big receiver at 6-foot-4. If the Seattle Seahawks were to sign Marshall he could be a suitable replacement for Jimmy Graham.

Jimmy Graham plays exclusively at tight end, a position that Brandon Marshall does not play. However, Marshall's overall catch radius is similar. Also, Brandon Marshall is a superb blocker going up the field. Having him would open up a few things for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers are also in the running for Brandon Marshall. Do not rule out a surprise team bidding for Marshall as well.