Lance Bass And Husband, Michael Turchin, Open Up About Their Surrogacy Process

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Lance Bass opened up about the surrogacy process that he is undergoing with his husband, Michael Turchin. The 39-year-old former *NSYNC member said that he is open to having multiple children with Turchin. Bass said that he would love to welcome both a boy and a girl into the world. The singer also added that he and Michael are open to the idea of trying for twins or even triplets.

“We will try for something. Twins work. I’ll take triplets.”

The television personality said that he and his husband are well into the surrogacy process as he chatted it up with People at the EMA Awards and Honors Benefit in Beverly Hills, California. Bass said that they have already found their embryologist.

Now, the couple is in search of the perfect surrogate, according to People. Bass explained that the couple will first search for their surrogate and then find a donor. Once a surrogate and a donor is found, then Bass said, “we make out babies” and implant the healthiest embryos that he and his husband can make. Then, nine months later, a baby will be born.

Turchin revealed to People that good health is at the top of the list when searching for their gestational carrier and egg donor.

“There are physical characteristics, and if you want that it is helpful if you can choose, but health is the most important.”

Bass said that it’s helpful to know the physical characteristics of potential surrogates as well as their health history. Lance said that knowing basic stats like height and other features of the surrogate and extended family members is good, but also knowing things such as if anyone in the family ever had cancer is important to know as well.

Bass said that the couple hopes to “be pregnant this year at some point.”

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If Lance and Michael’s future children wanted to pursue a career in music, Bass said that he wouldn’t stand in their way. However, the music industry wouldn’t be the parents’ first choice and he would encourage another career path for their children.

Bass said that the music industry is a difficult business to thrive in and you will be rejected 99 percent of the time. Lance said that he doesn’t want his kids to face that kind of rejection. Bass said that it takes a very strong will to stay in the music business, so he would rather them play a sport like baseball.

The singer said that he and his husband have had to combat “a lot of ignorance” after reflecting on the current political climate. Nonetheless, Bass and Turchin are certain that they will raise very smart children. Bass said that he feels the more children that he and his husband have, it will, in turn, help to fight the “ignorance out there.”