May 26, 2018
The Home Zelda And F. Scott Fitzgerald Shared Together Is Now Available For Overnight Stays

If you have ever fancied sleeping in the home that Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald once shared together then you are in luck as their former house is now available for overnight stays.

The beautiful 1909 Craftsman home can be found in Montgomery, Alabama, and it is the location where F. Scott Fitzgerald spent his days writing his fourth novel Tender Is the Night, while Zelda constructed Save Me the Waltz. The Fitzgeralds lived in the Old Cloverdale home between 1931 and 1932, and the home is an important one in their journey as a family as it marks the final location that they shared together with their daughter Scottie, as Travel and Leisure report.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote in The Great Gatsby, "We beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." Proving how correct Fitzgerald's tragic words often were, those who admire the author can also revisit the ghosts of the past at the author's old home.

In 1986, the house in question officially became the Scott & Zelda Museum, making it the one and only location anywhere in the world that is completely dedicated to the two authors. Besides overnight stays, the museum also hosts a number of events that includes workshops, discussions, and tours.

Getty Images | Ben Gabbe

The museum has now taken a very personal approach to the Fitzgeralds and in April opened its doors and an apartment upstairs to overnight guests through Airbnb. Guests so far have been very respectful of the property and museum, with director Sara Powell explaining that anyone who would care enough to spend the night in Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald's former home would clearly not do anything to harm the house.

"Most of the people who would want to stay there probably have a great love for the writer and the writer's work and would have great respect for the property."
The apartment that is currently being rented out has two bedrooms, comes with pillows adorned with quotes from Zelda Fitzgerald and has a decidedly Jazz Age feel to it with its rugs, furniture, and lamps. If you need to cook, the apartment also has a full kitchen and all of the modern amenities are included, such as WiFi.

Renting the apartment through Airbnb will also afford you a tour of the Scott & Zelda Museum where you can find many of F. Scott Fitzgerald's first edition novels along with the transcript Scott was handed from Princeton. You will also be able to view many of Zelda's paintings and, of course, plenty of the family's personal belongings.

If you would like to stay overnight at Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald's former home, the cost is $150 per night and you can reach the museum by calling (334) 264- 4222 or e-mailing them with inquiries at