May 26, 2018
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail May Be Pregnant, But Who's The Father?

Days of our Lives spoilers are running wild about Abigail Deveraux-DiMera (Marci Miller) and the men in her life. As DOOL fans already know, Abby is married to Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), but her mental illness recently caused her to have an affair with his brother, Stefan O. DiMera (Tyler Christopher). Now, fans are wondering if some baby daddy drama is about to ensue in Salem.

According to a May 25 report by Soap Hub, Days of our Lives fans have watched Abigail struggle with her mental health. Recently, it was revealed that she was diagnosed with a split personality disorder. Viewers watched Abby transform into two alter-egos, Gabby and Dr. Laura. While Dr. Laura was more cool, calm, and collected, it was Gabby who was causing all the trouble in Abigail's life.

Gabby ended up falling in love with Stefan after he discovered that Abigail was suffering from the personality disorder. Stefan didn't care about Abby's mental state. Instead, he pushed Gabby to take over Abigail's body altogether and run away with him. Eventually, Gabby and Stefan got intimate, and Chad walked in on his wife and brother in bed together. Chad was completely stunned to find out what had been happening and declared that Stefan had raped his wife because Abby was not in her right mind to consent to any sexual contact.

Now, Days of our Lives rumors are going around that Abigail may soon discover that she is pregnant again. Abby already has a son named Thomas with Chad and knows all too well about paternity drama. Previously, Abigail had believed that Thomas was her crazy ex-boyfriend Ben Weston's son. However, after it was revealed that he was Chad's baby the couple got back together and eventually tied the knot. Now, Abby could be looking at more scandal, as she will likely not know who the baby belongs to this time around. The child could have been fathered by Chad, or by his brother, Stefan.

While nothing has been confirmed, Days of our Lives did send out a casting call for young Caucasian babies to play an unknown role. While another Salem resident, Lani Price (Sal Stowers), is also expecting a child, she and her baby daddy, Eli Grant, are both African American, sparking speculation that the new role the soap is casting could be that of Abigail's future child.
Over 80 percent of Days of our Lives fans polled believe that Abigail will be revealed as pregnant in the near future and that Stefan may even be the father of the child.

Days of our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.