May 26, 2018
Jenelle Evans Reignites Feud With Jessica Eason On Social Media

Jenelle Evans is back at it again with her sister-in-law, Jessica Eason. The women have gone back and forth several times over the last few months, especially following the wedding last fall. Evans has been involved in drama since beginning her reality television career nearly a decade ago.

This past week has brought Jenelle Evans and Jessica Eason back to the place of throwing accusations against one another out on social media. From child neglect to drug abuse, the women have been publicly flinging insults on Facebook. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans attacked Jessica Eason through David Eason's Facebook account when it was revealed she was arrested on a drug charge.

The women have been going at it since before Jenelle Evans and David Eason got married last fall. Tension formed when Jessica Eason spoke out about how the Teen Mom 2 star took her brother away from the family. Evans welcomed her daughter a few months prior to the wedding, and that caused issues as well. Eason made claims that David's mother watched Evans' kids too much, especially when they were away filming. Not only were they keeping Ensley, but also Kaiser.

Jessica Eason and David Eason fell out because she had contact with his son's mother and got to see them. He was not allowed to be around his child at all, and when it came out that his sister saw him, the feud between Jenelle Evans and Jessica hit an all-time high.

Accusations from both parties about using drugs have been thrown around a lot. Jenelle Evans insists that David Eason's family has cut Jessica off and that she is currently couch surfing because she has nowhere to go. Eason denies the claims Jenelle has made but offers up her own accusations in return. Jessica believes that her sister-in-law is still using heroin. Evans had a lot of issues a few years back with the drug, and it all played out on the show. Since then, Jenelle has maintained that she no longer uses heroin at all.

With all of the renewed drama, Teen Mom 2 fans are speculating about what will happen with Jenelle Evans. Aside from her personal drama, she has been defiant with the show. After this season, things could be much different for Evans and her family. Will the drama with Jessica Eason stop, or will Jenelle be forced to battle it out on social media while she awaits what happens next with MTV?