May 25, 2018
Lara Trump Promotes 'Make America Great Again' Bathing Suit Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend

Interested in heading to the beach and soaking up the rays in a "Make America Great Again" bathing suit? That's what Lara Trump, the wife of presidential son Eric Trump, is currently promoting on her Instagram account, as well as on the official Donald Trump store, where it's selling for $55 each in the run-up to Memorial Day weekend.

As seen in a new Instagram post, Lara Trump posted a beachside photo of herself with her infant son Luke, with mother and son wearing mirrored sunglasses, and Lara rocking a mostly blue swimsuit with the words "Make America Great Again" in front. In addition to modeling the MAGA bathing suit, Lara also stated in her Instagram post that the swimwear is available for purchase on her father-in-law's official shop. According to the Daily Mail, this wasn't the first time that Lara Trump modeled the Make America Great Again bathing suit on Instagram, as she previously posted a photo of herself wearing it during Easter weekend of this year, along with the words "coming soon."

According to the Trump shop's product description, the Make America Great Again Women's Swimsuit costs $55, and is "proudly made in the USA." The description also references President Trump's distinctive pronunciation of the word "huge," suggesting that women who buy the swimwear can make a "YUGE splash poolside or at the beach." The Daily Mail report suggests that buyers could also purchase a virtually identical-looking item on the AAF Nation website, where it sells for only $39.95.

The swimsuit is just one of several summer-themed products currently selling at the Trump shop, which also sells MAGA men's swim shorts for $55, a "Trump-Pence 45" beach towel for $65, and MAGA sunglass holders for $8. The shop also sells a variety of men's, women's, and children's apparel, stickers, buttons, and other items, all of which pay tribute to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as the "Make America Great Again" slogan used by the Trump campaign before, during, and after the 2016 election.

In the seven hours or so since Lara Trump advertised the Make America Great Again bathing suit on Instagram, her post has gotten mostly positive reactions from followers, including some who complimented her toned body, and others who called the swimsuit "perfect" for U.S. Independence Day festivities and not just Memorial Day weekend. Several other commenters focused on how 8-month-old Luke looked "cool" and "adorable" in the photo, among other descriptions, with one calling Eric and Lara Trump's baby boy a "little bada** like his Grandpa Trump."