May 25, 2018
Brett Anderson And Suede Tease New Single For Their Upcoming And Eighth Studio Album 'The Blue Hour'

With the upcoming release of Suede's eighth studio album The Blue Hour scheduled to hit shops on September 21, the band's official Instagram page has already started teasing fans with the idea of a new single.

The arrival of The Blue Hour will see 14 new Suede tracks being released and will form the very end of a triptych that started with the arrival of Bloodsports in 2013, which was swiftly followed by 2016's Night Thoughts, as Uncut reports.

The Blue Hour comes hot on the heels of the deliciously contemplative Brett Anderson memoir entitled Coal Black Mornings, a book that described the singer's upbringing, family life, and early flirtations with music.

According to The Quietus, Suede have described their new album in a suitably opaque fashion, conjuring up that time of day right before the sun has fully dimmed and the world is finally cloaked in the darkness that is night.

"The Blue Hour is the time of day when the light is fading and night is closing in. The songs hint at a narrative but never quite reveal it and never quite explain. But as with any Suede album, it's always about the songwriting. The band, the passion and the noise."
Suede performing at the Isle of Wight festival in 2014.
Getty Images | Zak Hussein
Suede performing at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2014.

With Brett Anderson explaining to the NME that The Blue Hour is meant to be "dank and troubling," the singer went on to describe the band's previous attempts at creating happy, upbeat music, noting that it never quite worked for Suede.

"It's quite unpleasant in lots of ways. I think Suede should be unpleasant, that's the point of a band like Suede. Whenever we've tried to pleasant, it never works. We have to inhabit Suedeworld and it's not a very nice place! It's set in a rural landscape, on the hard shoulder of the motorway, among the B-roads and among the rubbish that's been fly-tipped. It's set by a chain link fence with a dead badger lying rotting in the ground. I like to set my songs in a very distinct geographical place. The early songs were very urban and this is set in the hinterland?"
The 14 new tracks on The Blue Hour include:

As OneWastelandsMistressBeyond The OutskirtsChalk CirclesCold HandsLife Is GoldenRoadkillTidesDon't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves YouDead BirdAll The Wild PlacesThe InvisiblesFlytipping

With Brett Anderson and Suede devotees on different fan websites eagerly anticipating what might well be the imminent release of a single like "The Invisibles" off The Blue Hour, it is not certain yet just what this new single will be, nor when it will hit the airwaves. But magic is in the air and Suede fans have noticed.