May 25, 2018
Is 'Little People, Big World' Ending? 'Radar Online' Reports Matt Roloff Is Looking To Relocate

Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World wants to buy property in a luxury suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, according to a source for Radar Online. He's been living in the city of Surprise with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, and it looks like they may be looking to put down roots. If they do, fans worry it will mean an end to the reality show.

Matt has been seeing Caryn for over a year, and the place they're looking to settle is over 1,200 miles from the Roloff family farm in Portland, Oregon. A photo posted by Matt to Instagram earlier this week added fuel to the rumors of a move. The picture was taken near a pool in the Arizona community.

It doesn't appear that the couple has actually purchased property yet, but the pair has been seen out and about together, including a recent sighting at a local Lowe's store. That same day, Matt made another Instagram post in which he urged people to come hear him read from his new book at Barnes and Noble, adding that he and Caryn wanted to "meet our new neighbors." The couple was also sighted in March at an art gallery event held by Isabel, who is engaged to Matt's son Jacob.

Earlier this month, news broke that Chandler's many years of employment on the Roloff family farm had come to an end. Things were understandably awkward between her and Matt's ex-wife. Matt commented on the state of things between the three of them.

"Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she's run it for 10 years. She tries to get Amy as involved as she can. There was awkwardness a little bit, but we're all kind of finding our way. I enjoy her immensely. Whether we're working or whether we're relaxing, we have a great time together."
Roloff and Chandler have been together since early 2017. His divorce from his wife of almost 30 years was final in 2016. It's a relationship that many fans do not approve of because of Caryn's long-term employment at the family farm and because she was friends with Matt's ex-wife Amy. One fan commented, "Glad Amy had enough respect for Matt and didn't date any of the help…Matt has turned into a real slimeball!" Another protested with, "Now we see why he pushed for divorce at the end! He already had someone! Moving on is fine, but this is tacky and obvious."

There is no evidence that the two were dating before Roloff's divorce was final.