May 25, 2018
Jill Duggar Shocks With A 'Sinful' Top That Shows A Lot Of Skin, Fans Think She'll Rock A Bikini Next

Jill Duggar is breaking her family's fashion rules yet again. The Counting On star has previously been praised for rocking jeans, an item of clothing that she wouldn't have dared to wear when she was residing at her parents' Arkansas home. Now, fans are freaking out over a photo of the Duggar daughter sporting another daring look that her mom and pop definitely wouldn't approve of.

Jill Duggar, 27, has drastically changed her style since she and her husband, Derick Dillard, 29, decided to quit appearing on their family's TLC reality series. In addition to adding skinny jeans and sky-high heels to her wardrobe, Jill has pierced her nose. It may be hard for her to ever top being the first Duggar daughter to rock a nose stud, but Jill certainly got tongues wagging with her latest look. As reported by In Touch Weekly, she recently sported a tank top that does not meet the modesty standards that were once so important to her.

The tank top that recently caused fans to cry "Nike!" made an appearance in a YouTube video about a small backyard garden that Jill Duggar has been tending. However, few fans on the Counting On Reddit page cared about her green thumb; they were too distracted by the thin straps of material on her very bare shoulders. Jill's sleeveless shirt is a shocking look for someone who once wrote that women should avoid wearing "bare-shouldered tops."

"OMG!!! How sinful!!!" wrote one Redditor in response to a post about Jill Duggar's eye-catching pink tank top.

"Why would you post this for all of reddit to see and be defrauded!?!?" another quipped.

It was even suggested that Jill might just become the first Duggar daughter to rock a bikini.

"How much longer before she's mowing the lawn in a bikini?" read the remark about the possibility of Jill breaking the internet by breaking all of her family's modesty rules.

The bikini comment was likely in reference to Michelle Duggar's infamous lawn mowing story. Before the Duggar family matriarch decided that God wanted her to wear nothing but ankle-length skirts and conservative tops that cover up her collarbone, Michelle was an average teen girl who wore shorts, cheerleader skirts, and bikinis. However, the former wild child said that she gave her wardrobe a modest makeover after she became convinced that one particular item of clothing was causing marital issues for her neighbors.

"I told my kids, (growing up) I mowed the lawn in a bikini and had no idea what I was doing to my neighbor's husband across the street. No wonder the woman hated our family — you know?" Michelle said during an interview with Popsugar. "And, I think I had no clue as far as the responsibility I had in that the way I dressed caused men to have struggles."

In other words, Michelle's aim was to protect lecherous men from sinning when she encouraged her daughters to keep themselves covered from "the neck down to the knee." In a TLC blog post, she wrote that God began speaking to her about her clothing choices when she became a born-again Christian. Michelle revealed that he occasionally gave her fashion advice like, "You know what, you probably shouldn't be wearing that. It's a little bit low cut, or a little bit too high."

Michelle passed the Lord's fashion rules on to her daughters, but it looks like Jill Duggar's conversations with God about clothing are going a bit differently. However, a bikini is likely still a big no-no in her eyes. Even though she's showing a lot of shoulder in the gardening video, she's clearly wearing a second tank top underneath the pink one to keep from showing any cleavage. If she ever wants to mow the lawn in a swimsuit like her mom did all those years ago, she could always do the same thing with a tankini.