Google Posts $14.42 Billion Q4 Revenue

Google Earnings Q4 2012

Google, Inc. continues to impress after issuing Q4 revenues of $14.42 billion, a 36 percent increase over Q4 2011 numbers. Google did not include its $2.35 billion loss from transactions related to the divestiture of its Motorola Home division. Google considers the Motorola losses part of its “discontinued operations” costs.

Google’s GAAP operating income for Q4 2012 was $3.39 billion, 24 percent of revenues. In comparison, Google claimed a GAAP income of $3.51 billion, or 33 percent of revenues in Q4 2011.

GAAP net income with the loss of discontinued operations was $2.89 billion, up slightly from $2.71 billion in Q4 2011.

The search giant’s earnings per share was also up from $8.22 in the fourth quarter of 2011 on 329 million diluted shares to s $8.62 on 335 million diluted shares for the period ending December 31, 2012.

Google-owned sites generated $8.64 billion, a 67 percent share. Google also earned $3.44 billion from its partner based initiatives and an additional $6.9 billion from international efforts.

At the end of 2012, Google finished the year with Q4 net cash of $4.67 billion and $3.65 billion available after capital expenditure.

Google also generated $4.81 billion in operating expenses, amortized $289 million in expenses, and handed out $708 billion in stock-based compensation for employees.

The financial report notes that Google paid an effective 18 percent tax rate.

In revealing the company’s strong position, CEO Larry Page said:

“We ended 2012 with a strong quarter. Revenues were up 36 percent year-on-year, and eight percent quarter-on-quarter. And we hit $50 billion in revenues for the first time last year –- not a bad achievement in just a decade and a half.”

Not a bad achievement in any amount of time, Mr. Page.