Indiana School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Tackled By Teacher Parents Are Calling A Hero

Jason Seaman was shot three times before he subdued the shooter.

Indiana School Shooting

Jason Seaman was shot three times before he subdued the shooter.

A science teacher tackled the Noblesville, Indiana school shooter Friday morning, suffering three gunshot wounds but probably saving multiple lives in the process, The Indianapolis Star is reporting.

On Friday morning, a school shooter, later identified as a 13-year-old student, entered Noblesville West Middle School in suburban Indianapolis and began shooting. As CNN reports, there are conflicting reports about how many people were injured in the shooting. According to Noblesville police, a teacher and a student were taken to a hospital with injuries. However, hospital officials said three people were injured in the shooting, including at least one adult.

That adult has been identified as science teacher Jason Seaman.

According to WTTV-TV (Indianapolis), several students described how Mr. Seaman rushed into action when the shooter opened fire. An unnamed student said that Seaman tackled the shooter.

“Mr. Seaman started running at him, he’s a teacher, a science teacher– he tackled him to the ground, we were all hiding in the back of a classroom behind some desks, then he was yelling to call 911 to get out of the building as fast as we could, so we ran down the stairs and just ran down here, we ran down the sidewalk.”

As it turns out, Jason Seaman is just the man you need when you want someone tackled: he formerly played college football, as a defensive end for Southern Illinois University’s Salukis, and is also a football coach at Noblesville.

Now the young man is being called a hero by parents, his colleagues, his own family, and the community at large.

In a Facebook post, a woman claiming to be Seaman’s mother claimed he was shot three times. She asked users to pray for him.

“We are told he is in good condition but haven’t gotten to see him yet. I thank God that no one was killed.”

In a later Facebook post, the same woman said that Seaman was out of surgery and “doing well.” She also noted specifically where he was shot: once through the abdomen, once in the hip, and once in the forearm. She also asked users to pray for the student who was shot.

Meanwhile, another family member, older brother Jeremy Seaman, said that his brother was never one to run away. Jeremy says Jason puts the safety of his kids above all else.

This is a developing story. More information about the Noblesville school shooting will be provided by the Inquisitr as it becomes available.