Steve Kerr, NBA Coach, Describes NFL’s ‘Idiotic’ Anthem Protest Rule As ‘Just Typical’

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Following the NFL’s decision to ban protesting during the National Anthem next season, many people are speaking out against the decision, including Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

As the Inquisitr reported two days ago, NFL Owners unanimously passed a new rule that bars any kind of protest, including kneeling, during the anthem. This means that next season, all players must stand on the sidelines while the national anthem is played. If players do not want to stand on the sideline while the anthem is played, they have the option to remain in the locker room.

Prior to tipping off against Houston in Game 5 of the NBA’s Western Conference finals, Steve Kerr sat down for a press conference to share his disgust with the NFL over the recent ban. According to the Huffington Post, Kerr had some strong words to say about the decision.

“I think it’s just typical of the NFL. They’re just playing off their fan base, and they’re just basically trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism, nationalism, scaring people. It’s idiotic, but that’s how the NFL has handled their business.”

Kerr then shifted his focus to the NBA, saying that he is proud to be in a league that understands that patriotism in America is “about free speech.”

“It’s about peacefully protesting. I think our leaders in the NBA understand that when an NFL player is kneeling, they were kneeling to protest police brutality, to protest racial inequality,” Kerr goes on to say.

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To close his thoughts, the 52-year-old says that he blames President Trump for making people think that the protests were about disrespecting the flag and the military when that is not what the protests are actually about.

Not surprisingly, President Trump stood behind NFL team owners’ decision to ban players from protesting during the national anthem. As the Inquisitr shared, Trump said that anyone who refuses to stand “shouldn’t be in the country.” The President also praised the NFL for taking a stand and even went as far as to say that allowing players to remain in the locker during the anthem may be a little too lenient.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem,” Trump told the press.

Vice President Mike Pence also stood behind the NFL and Trump, sending out a tweet that applauded the NFL for making a change.

“Today’s decision by the is a win for the fans, a win for , and a win for America. Americans can once again come together around what unites us – our flag, our military, and our National Anthem. Thank you NFL.

Pence’s tweet has already received over 10,000 likes, 2,200 retweets, and 5,400 plus comments.