’13 Reasons Why’ Justin Prentice On Playing Bryce Walker

Eric Charbonneau/Invision for NetflixAP Images

Spoiler warning for 13 Reasons Why Season 2

The cast of 13 Reasons Why is especially packed with a colorful array of characters including some people love and some people hate. There are, however, a few characters in the Netflix Original that the audience tends to have a unanimous dislike for. One of the more prominent being Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice). In fact, Justin’s character never really has a rival for the ultimate villain in 13 Reasons Why until what fans are referring to as the “bathroom scene” or the “broomstick scene” where Monty (played by Timothy Granaderos) may very well take over as the new “bad guy” of the series if it gets renewed for a Season 3.

During a recent interview with Vulture, Justin Prentice opened up about what it was like to play the role of Bryce Walker for Season 1 and Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. He discussed what inspiration he used to play the character and how he got in the proper mindset to play such a realistic bad guy. As those who have watched the series know, Bryce Walker wasn’t an easy character to stomach. According to Justin, it wasn’t an easy character to play either.

During the interview, Vulture asked Justin how he managed to get into the mindset of playing Bryce Walker. According to Justin, he had his supportive co-workers to thank. He also revealed that he was very quick to snap back out of character when they were done filming as he didn’t want to be in the mindset of the character for longer than necessary.

“I try to do the work ahead of time so that when we’re actually filming the scenes, I can just become Bryce and give it my all, and then pull back out of it as soon as possible once we’re done so I can keep a healthy mind-set.”

Prentice also revealed that one of the more intense and enlightening scenes for his character was the moment his mother realizes what kind of monster she raised. Justin described the dialogue between Bryce and his mother as he described his assault on Hannah Baker as “awful.”

“You get to see this unique moment where he snaps and drops all sense of facade. He really shows the monster that he is, or the monstrous side of him. He still has that human layer deep down. But it’s interesting to see him shed this facade he wears to the world and just be the grotesque, horrid monster in that moment.”

When Season 2 comes to a close, Justin’s character is unable to hide from the crimes he has committed against his fellow peers. His character, however, receives a privileged punishment of just three months of probation. For the most part, his character is undamaged as he reveals he will be transferring to a new school and “starting over.”

Justin and the reporter conducting the interview could not help but agree on how similar Bryce’s situation is to Brock Turner – who also received a privileged punishment for his similar crimes in real life.