Snoop Dogg Says Kanye West Needs Help, Bashes The Kardashians In The Process

Snoop Dogg thinks fellow rapper Kanye West needs to get some help. The Jokers Wild host recently told the ladies of The View exactly what he thinks about Kanye's recent behavior and wild Twitter rants.

According to a May 25 report by Page Six, Snoop Dogg says that the first thing Kanye West should do is to seek "medical attention." Snoop says that he feels "sad" for Kanye, and believes that he has never gotten over the tragic death of his mother, Donda West, who died from complications after having plastic surgery.

"I mean, I thought he needed some medical attention first and foremost, but then after I got past the laughing, I started feeling sad for him. He truly misses his mother, he truly misses a black woman in his life. He truly misses the stability of having somebody telling him when he's wrong and correcting him and checking him as opposed to allowing him to keep doing what he's doing. That to me, he needs help. He's crying out for help. So instead of me bashing him, we're trying to help him now."
While many fans believed that Snoop Dogg was bashing Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian, as well as the rest of her famous family with his comments, it wouldn't be the first time that the Drop It Like It's Hot rapper dissed the Kardashians. In fact, earlier this month he took to Instagram to compare Kanye and Jay Z, and of course their wives, Kim and Beyonce."The evolution of Jay-Z and Kanye show you how influential your wife can be to your life," Snoop said, along with a tribute to his own wife, Shante Broadus. "Thank you for keeping me straight," he added.

Snoop Dogg also elaborated more on the fact that Kanye West needs a "black woman" in his life during an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club. The rapper said that while he "hates to be black and white," there is simply "no black women" in around Kanye West.

"That's when I started to think that, how [Kanye's mother] was instrumental in his life. Remember the music that he was making when she was here, and the spirit that he had? That's gone now. If you never lost your mother, you don't understand that feeling."
As many fans know, Kanye West has struggled in the years since his mother's death. He's been involved in multiple controversies and feuds with other celebrities, and most recently drew a ton of criticism for his comments about President Donald Trump and slavery. His mental health has been questioned by many, and West even admitted that he broke down back in 2015 after having an opioid addiction.

Kanye West has yet to respond to Snoop Dogg's comments about his life, losing his mother, and Kim Kardashian. However, fans have come to expect the unexpected from Kanye and will be watching to see if anything comes from Snoop's recent interviews.