Here’s How Some Of The ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Make Their Money

Did you know that the cast of 90 Day Fiance gets a check from the TLC network every time an episode of their hit show? Granted, they don’t receive as much as, say, the cast of Friends did in their prime, but they receive a decent paycheck for their, uh, efforts.

But when the show isn’t off the air, the cast members have to figure out other ways to make money, since — amazingly — no one is booking them for club appearances and the talk show circuit.

It isn’t for lack of trying, though.

For example, former (and current) 90 Day Fiance star Anfisa Arkhipchenko is currently trying to have a career as a YouTube personality. As was previously reported, however, she was dragged for filth by fans who watched her first episode, because many claimed that she was a “gold-digger” who was just with Jorge Nava for his money.

This “rebranding,” of course, came after she deleted her old Instagram account (though she claimed she was “hacked and suspended”) that was filled with old “advertising” photos.

Then there’s former (and current) cast member Molly Hopkins, who married — and divorced — and re-married Luis Mendez. When we first met her, she had a successful lingerie business and was rumored to also be a dominatrix, but recently, she revealed that she’s “working on new music.” We’re not ready!

Of course, we can’t forget former (and current) 90 Day Fiance cast members Russ and Paola Mayfield, who packed up lock, stock, and barrel from Oklahoma and moved to Miami for Paola’s modeling career. As her career took off, they relied on her check to get them through, since Russ lost his job and couldn’t find another one.

Today, however, Russ has a career as an engineer and Paola is a successful model, but they’re also selling “skinny tea” on Instagram. (Hey, whatever works.)

Speaking of which, there was some question about whether Russ and Paola were still together, especially since they’d been fighting so much on new episodes of the show.

Well, YourTango did an extensive backstory on them, and they were pleased to reveal that, as of this writing, the couple is still very much together and in love. Of course, they’re also on this season of the show, so it stands to reason that there won’t be any “major reveals” to the contrary until after the season is over.

New episodes of 90 Day Fiance air every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST on TLC.