'Alaskan Bush People's' Noah Brown & Girlfriend Rhain Reportedly Set A Wedding Date

Fans of Alaskan Bush People will be happy to hear that the Browns have some good news. Twenty-five-year-old Noah is set to wed fiancée Rhain Alisha Merrill. If you've been keeping up with the Browns though, you know that there is a reason for some concern about this news as 27-year-old Rhain hasn't exactly had a great relationship with the Brown siblings, and their differences have caused a rift between Noah and his family. Their problems were big enough that Noah didn't invite his family to a pre-wedding celebration in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in March. That news came via a Facebook post that Noah posted, which included a request for donations for their honeymoon as gifts. The Browns have frequently been accused of faking the show and staging various incidents, and this post was no different. Backlash ensued with fans accusing him of staging the party to get money from fans. Fewer than 20 people attended.

Things have been tense enough between Noah and his family that he hasn't been living with them. He has been staying in Trinidad, Colorado while the rest of ABP clan has been filming in Omak, Washington where they are living in a half million dollar lakeside lodge. In another recent Facebook post, Noah provided a quote that his father, 64-year-old Billy Brown, has used in the past.

"Family is NOT Blood, family is made up of the people who act like family, people who treat you like family, and people who you choose as family; and when people have none of this, then Blood does not make them family…it makes them a Relative."
The wedding date has been set, according to a report from Radar Online. It will happen in Washington where filming for the next season of Alaskan Bush People is currently taking place. The Brown children have decided to put disharmony of the past in the past and move forward. Every member of the family is expected to attend the wedding of the two lovebirds.

Although the wedding date has been set, reports differ as to its location, with some indicating it will be in the same Idaho spot as the pre-wedding celebration, and some saying it will take place in Washington where filming for the next season of Alaskan Bush People is currently taking place. They hope to start having children soon after they're married.