WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Might Easily Break CM Punk's Title Reign Record If Newly Rumored Schedule Is Accurate

As of this writing, Brock Lesnar has reigned as WWE Universal Champion for the past 418 days, or just 16 days less than CM Punk's modern-day record of 434 days as WWE Champion. While both titles are different, with the latter having a much longer, richer history than the former, both also happen to be their respective brand's main event title, which means Lesnar, in a way, could be erasing Punk's name from WWE's record books. As it stands, Lesnar's chances of breaking Punk's longevity record as a modern era world champion of any kind could be very good, assuming the latest rumors on his part-time schedule with the company are spot-on.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Figure Four Weekly editor Bryan Alvarez cited his behind-the-scenes sources, which corroborated reports that Lesnar won't be appearing in next month's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, as well as earlier rumors on the short-term contract renewal he reportedly signed earlier this year. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Alvarez said that his sources believe the "Beast Incarnate" might remain with the WWE until the company's SummerSlam pay-per-view in August.

While Alvarez stressed that the only sure thing about Lesnar's contract is that it's a short-term deal, he said that it's anybody's guess as to whether he will drop his Universal Championship in July or in August. Either way, it looks highly likely that Brock Lesnar will beat CM Punk's world championship record, and hold on to the Universal belt for well more than 434 days.

"[Lesnar is] not at Money in the Bank so it'll either be the July pay-per-view or SummerSlam [when he drops the Universal Championship], and if you got Brock Lesnar and you're paying him big money, it'll probably end up being SummerSlam," said Alvarez.

The rumored details on Lesnar's schedule came about three weeks after reports first suggested in earnest that WWE might be booking him to break CM Punk's modern-day record for longest main event title reign. But even if he were to defend the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank and lose the title at that event, that would still have him breaking Punk's record, albeit by just one week. According to Sportskeeda, Money in the Bank, which takes place on June 17, will mark Lesnar's 441st day holding the belt, though it remains to be seen whom WWE will book to defeat him, thus giving the company its first new Universal title holder since WrestleMania 33 last year.

As for the reason why WWE might be determined to have Brock Lesnar "remove" CM Punk's name from the company's record books, it's been well-documented since 2014 that Punk left WWE on bad terms, with the promotion allegedly firing him on the day he and former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee got married, as recapped by the Sporting News. He hasn't been involved in pro wrestling since then, though rumors are swirling that he might make an appearance at Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks' All In event in September.