Dragon Age: Origins Contains Secret Gay Sex Scene

I’ve played a few hours of Dragon Age: Origins on my Xbox 360 until Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Assasins Creed 2 were released. This post contains a potential (N)SFW video and a spoiler.

Bioware are testing the boundaries of homosexual themes in a video game again. Last time we saw a homosexual scene was in Mass Effect where you can have a lesbian/alien rendezvous. In Dragon Age: Origins you meet Zevran the assasin early in the game and after a scene where you have to pick the right flirty comments, you and Zevran give each other a very passionate embrace.

Gaygamer.net has the following comment:

With this bare-chested and unflinching portrayal, it feels as if the depiction of gay sex in video games has reached a new level of equal treatment. This is more than just a mincing gay pirate (Temple of Elemental Evil) or an evasive fade-to-black: there’s choreography, tenderness, humor and even an element of sexual politics to Zevran’s post-coital conversation. Kudos to BioWare for adding a bit of a gay storyline to their game and for dealing with gay romance as even-handedly as they do the heterosexual options.

Word of advice: Don’t read the comments on YouTube. They will make your head shake…