’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Happens In The Last Episode

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Spoiler Warning for 13 Reasons Why Season 2 finale titled, “Bye.”

The threat for the storyline of Season 2 to include a school shooting loomed every since the finale of Season 1 revealed Tyler Down (played by Devin Druid) had a weapons cache hidden in his room. This threat of a school shooting only intensified throughout Season 2 as fans watched anger build in Tyler as he frequently went shooting in the woods and pulled pranks to get even with the bullies at the school.

At first, Down harmlessly shot at bottles in the wood. In one scene, a crow landed on Tyler’s target range. He seized the moment and shot the crow – killing it instantly. In this moment, viewers could see something cold in Tyler’s eyes as he appeared to enjoy killing the crow. As Refinery 29 points out, this scene was perfect for enhancing the threat that Tyler would eventually escalate to shooting people as a lot of real serial killers usually start out committing violence against animals.

The episode “Bye” starts out a little slow. First, is the courtroom scene of Jessica versus Bryce. While most didn’t find the scene too surprising given the family of wealth Bryce came from, Bryce skated with a few months’ probation for the horrible acts he committed. Bryce appeared to be laying low as his parents were transferring him to a new school where he would get to “hit the reset button” and start over.

The episode later revealed Justin – charged with accessory to sexual assault – not only got more time, but spent more time behind bars than Bryce simply because he didn’t have a home to return to.

The episode shifts to the memorial service the Bakers never got to have for their daughter Hannah. Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minette), in particular, finally makes peace with Hannah’s passing and is able to move on after the funeral. Clay actually witnesses Hannah’s ghost – who had been with him throughout all of Season 2 – finally go toward the light.

The memorial was a chance for all of the friends and family members of Katherine Langford’s character to finally say goodbye to Hannah. Thus, fans can’t help but wonder whether Langford would return for a Season 3 or if that walk toward the light was the final goodbye for Hannah Baker.

Again, the episode takes a bit of a surprising shift as Tyler returns from his “behavioral guidance” program as a brand-new kid. He starts out catching up with Mackenzie and asking her out – while ultimately getting rejected and then runs into Cyrus who ultimately rejects him too. Whether Tyler would have been able to hold his renewed self together after so much rejection goes out the window when he his attacked and assaulted in a graphic and hard-to-watch scene in the bathroom. Some media outlets have coined this as the “broom scene” or the “bathroom scene.”

Montgomery “Monty” de la Cruz (played by Timothy Granaderos) and a couple other jocks attack Tyler in the bathroom in this cringe-worthy scene. Monty grabs Down and slams his head into the sink several times before nearly drowning him in the toilet. The finale of the attack – and possibly the hardest part to watch – is when Monty instructs the jocks to hold Tyler down while he sodomizes him with a wooden handle. Monty and his accomplices exit the bathroom while Tyler collapses on the bathroom floor bleeding and nude.

Later in the episode – the rest of the students appear to be having a grand time at the dance. Including Jessica who surprisingly hooks up with Justin in the locker rooms. This dance being the same dance Tyler tried to take Mackenzie to.

Viewers watched as Tyler collected weapons from his cache and made his way to the school dance. What many did not expect was for Tyler to send Mackenzie a text message to warn her of what he was about to do. This left viewers questioning whether Tyler actually wanted to commit the horrible act and just wanted to warn his friends to get out of the way or if he wanted someone to stop him. Some of his friends wanted to flee the school, and some wanted to call the cops, but Clay – as usual – just wanted to save everyone.

The finale episode ended with a very heated and dramatic conversation between Clay and Tyler before Clay ultimately convinced Tyler not to go through with it. With tear-filled eyes, Clay told Tyler he didn’t want him or anyone else to die.

Tony helped Tyler get away and Clay was left holding the assault rifle. The episode came to a close with Clay gripping the assault riffle as police sirens could be heard racing toward the school in the background. The final line of the episode certainly suggested there would be a Season 3.

“What do we do now?”

While the episode did start out a little slow and almost geared up as if it was giving the closure everyone needed for 13 Reasons Why to come to an end, the episode quickly heated up turning things around. By the time the episode ended, fans were left with tons of questions they only hope a Season 3 would answer.

Will Justin and Jessica get back together?

Is the drug dealer Justin’s mother was dating going to come after him?

Will Clay still be holding the gun when the police pull up?

Will Tyler tell anyone he was assaulted by Monty?

Will viewers get to see everything on the “Reasons Why Not” list Hannah left behind?

Will Hannah be in Season 3?