Kylie Jenner Didn’t Suffer Pregnancy Scare Only 3 Months After Giving Birth To Baby Stormi [Debunked]

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Kylie Jenner only gave birth to her first child, daughter Stormi, in February. However, rumors are flying that the 20-year-old reality star may already expecting her second child with boyfriend Travis Scott.

According to a May 23 report by Gossip Cop, the rumors about Kylie Jenner worrying herself over a pregnancy scare originated from Hollywood Life. The outlet claimed to have sources that revealed Kylie believed she may be pregnant again soon after giving birth to her baby girl, and that she “freaked out” over the scare, while Travis Scott got “excited” about the thought have having another child so soon.

However, that rumor has been busted, as there is reportedly no backbone to the original report. The report was debunked as the site asked why Hollywood Life‘s sources didn’t have more details about the alleged pregnancy scare, such as why Kylie Jenner thought she may be expecting again, or how she broke the news to boyfriend Travis Scott.

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“It’s strange that the site and its ‘source’ can’t give a specific date for this ‘pregnancy scare,’ it’s odd that a number of other key details are missing. What made Jenner think she was expecting again? How did she break the news to Scott? How did she ultimately learn she wasn’t really pregnant? Sure, this might seem like intimate information that shouldn’t be for public consumption, but arguably so is this entire topic. What real “source close to Kylie” would actually leak a false pregnancy alarm to a gossip blog? Given that her family steadfastly refused to even confirm that she was pregnant with Stormi, it seems implausible someone in her inner circle would now violate her privacy in this way.”

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Meanwhile, the original report also claims that Kylie Jenner wants “a lot of kids,” which is something that her family has seemed to hint at in the past. However, a previous report by HL have claimed that Jenner didn’t want more kids with Scott unless he proposed marriage to her, another report stated that Kylie regretted having a baby so young due to the fact that it wreaked havoc on her body.

Gossip Cop claims that because of all of this that there is “absolutely no evidence” to back up the rumors that Kylie Jenner suffered any sort of pregnancy scare with Travis Scott, or that the couple is even discussing having more children together in the future.