‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 24: Leo And Sonny Face Off, Xander Terrorizes Salem, Legal Update For Abby

Angela WeissGetty Images

Today on Days of our Lives, Eric barges into the Salem PD. He is irate that Xander is back in town and is hoping to find a way to put him back behind bars. Unfortunately, all of his charges are being handled through Greece. Eric believes that Xander has come back to town to blow up the town or kidnap a woman and keep her in a cage. Days viewers know how much Xander enjoys wreaking havoc in Salem.

Eric states that he just might kill Xander with his bare hands if Hope doesn’t find a way to get rid of him, adding that it wouldn’t be murder, it would be pest control. Until Xander messes up again in Salem, there is nothing that Hope can do to rid the town of this particular pest. In the words of Xander himself, get used to seeing him around as he plans on staying a long, long time.

Eric isn’t the only one that is agitated by Xander’s return. He has already instigated arguments and stirred the pot several times since returning to Salem. In fact, after saying some off-color remarks about Sonny, Justin took a turn threatening Xander’s life.

“If you ever say anything like that about my son again,” said Justin, “I will come at you with a tire iron and make sure you never say anything to anyone ever again. Now get the Hell out of here!”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny has been served with a sexual harassment lawsuit. His former lover Leo has manipulated the situation and trapped Sonny into thinking that their relationship was something real. When Justin confirms that the papers are legitimate, Sonny takes off to find and confront Leo. When he finds him with Will, trying to sell an exclusive story to the Spectator, Sonny makes it clear that Leo won’t get away with this. After all, he is a Kiriakis.

Leo wants to give Will an exclusive on the sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny, for a price. Will wants to punch him in the face. Sonny is one of the true and honorable men Will knows in Salem. Leo tries to turn it around by claiming that the Spectator couldn’t be unbiased and would try to bury the story since the paper was owned by “Sonny’s mommy.”

Will is appalled at Leo’s lawsuit and claims “you don’t want unbiased journalism, you want money and you’re disgusting.” Will is unaware that Kate had something to do with Sonny’s setup, or that she took over where Vivian left off. Will looks at her and asks, “What kind of scum would do something like that to someone like Sonny?”

Today’s Days of our Lives episode really hits home when Will sheds light on a real-world issue, which also includes the rape that is haunting Ciara. The Inquisitr recently shared an in-depth episode recap of the Days of our Lives storyline involving Ciara’s difficulty moving on in a new relationship with Tripp.

While talking to Kate, Will states that all a manipulative sexual harassment lawsuit does is downplay the real victims. Those people who lie about rape make it easier to smear or doubt the testimony of someone who has actually experienced the horror of assault.

On yesterday’s Days, Chad went to talk to DA Trask about lessening Abby’s sentence to a self-defense charge. It did take some pushing, but the DA agreed to a plea bargain. Days viewers rejoiced when the judge accepted the plea today. At first, Abby is frustrated with Chad, who has prevented her from going to prison and paying for her crimes. Chad pleads with her to understand that she needs to be home with her son, as well as get the therapy she needs to heal. Abby will be leaving for a facility; however, it is assumed that she will be back soon.