Tomi Lahren’s Water Splasher Will Not Face Any Charges

Tomi Lahren made headlines earlier this week for an incident that happened while she was in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the weekend. One customer at Union, the restaurant where Lahren was dining, threw water at the conservative personality and Fox News contributor and the incident went viral across social media. Now, reports indicate that the person who threw the water at Tomi will not be facing charges.

TMZ reports that according to law enforcement officials in Minneapolis, there are no charges ahead related to the Tomi Lahren water-throwing incident. It seems that police do not believe that what happened was severe enough for them to initiate charges or an investigation of their own.

A case could still develop if Lahren or her mother, who was also hit with the water as it was tossed, filed a police report and wanted to press charges. However, at this point, Tomi has not pursued that path. TMZ details that a source close to the conservative personality has indicated that Tomi does not have plans to push the issue.

KSTP shares that according to John Elder, spokesman for the Minneapolis police department, nobody involved has filed a report related to the incident. Union, the restaurant where the incident played out, has released a statement about what happened on Sunday. Their statement details that they immediately escorted the water splasher and her party out of the establishment.

Union notes that while they do support freedom of speech, they are not tolerant of anyone being disruptive in their restaurant. They maintain that their goal is to provide an enjoyable, welcoming experience for everybody dining there and they expect Union guests to conduct themselves accordingly.

For her part, Tomi tweeted that she’s tough and can handle it, but she added that she hopes that as a country we don’t need to resort to incidents like this due to political differences. There has been no shortage of buzz over what went down Sunday in Minneapolis, and if anything, it seems that this has probably helped to raise Lahren’s controversial profile even higher among conservatives.

Should the woman who threw her glass of water toward Tomi Lahren in Minneapolis over the weekend face charges and should the Fox contributor pursue them? At this point, it sounds as if the authorities are considering the case closed and many will be interested to see how long the story remains viral on social media.