Meet George Nader: Convicted Pedophile Links Donald Trump Russia Investigation To At Least Two Other Scandals

One mysterious figure, 59-year-old Lebanese-American "businessman" George Nader, may link the Donald Trump Russia collusion investigation to two other growing Trump scandals. Nader has been connected to the puzzling allegations surrounding a recently revealed meeting at Trump Tower in 2016, at which Nader was allegedly present along with representatives from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who supposedly offered their government's assistance in helping Trump win the presidential election.

And perhaps even more bizarre, Nader (pictured above, left) may be connected to a sex scandal in which a Trump associate, Elliot Broidy, "admitted" paying off a Playboy centerfold model to keep quiet about an affair which ended with an abortion — a scandal in which Broidy may have been taking the fall for Trump himself, some recent reports have speculated..

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In addition, his role in all three of those scandals, Nader — who once helped set up a $4.2 billion arms sale from Russia to Iraq — is also a convicted pedophile.

In 2003, according to an Associated Press report, Nader was sentenced to a one-year prison term in the Czech Republic capital of Prague after being convicted on 10 counts of sexually abusing minors. Before that, in 1991, Nader was convicted in Virginia of bringing videotapes of kiddie porn into the United States, according to an investigation by Newsweek.

Despite his pedophilia convictions, and over the objections of the United States Secret Service, Nader posed for a photo with Trump at a Republican National Committee Fundraiser on October 25. According to a report by Business Insider, the photo op was arranged by Broidy through Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly in exchange for a donation to the RNC of $189,000 — the largest single donation to the RNC that Broidy had ever made, despite being a top Republican fundraiser who was until recently the RNC's deputy finance chair.

Perhaps most important of all, at least for the Trump Russia collusion scandal, Nader is now a cooperating witness working with special counsel Robert Mueller — and has been since January.

According to an ABC News report, Nader — who received limited immunity from prosecution by Mueller — told the special counsel that he not only attended but set up a meeting in the remote Seychelles Islands between Trump supporter Erik Prince — brother of Trump-appointed U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — and Russian banker Kirill Dmitriev, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin who heads a $10 billion Russian government investment fund.

Investigators say that the meeting, which took place shortly before Trump's inauguration, was designed to create a secret "back channel" of communication between the incoming Trump administration and the Russian government, an allegation which Prince — founder of the mercenary army Blackwater and other controversial private military cadres — has denied.

Nader attended that Seychelles meeting as an emissary representing the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. According to a report by The New York Times last week, Nader also represented the UAE Crown Prince at a September 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., in which Nader allegedly discussed the UAE and Saudi Arabia's offer of covert assistance in winning the presidency for Trump.

Donald Trump, George Nader, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Robert Mueller, Russia collusion
Getty Images | Alex Wong
Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, who is believed to be a George Nader employer.

Nader, who other than the October 2017 photo op is believed to have never met personally with Trump, was on the way to just such a meeting when he was nabbed by Mueller's investigators on January 17 of this year getting off a plane at Washington Dulles International Airport. Nader was bound for Florida where he planned to attend Trump's one-year inaugural anniversary celebration at the Trump Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

Why was Nader finally getting his shot at a real sit-down with Trump when he was intercepted by the special counsel's team? The answer may come from Nader's connections to the UAE, and to Broidy. Those connections also appear to connect Nader to the possible Trump sex scandal involving former Playboy model Shera Bechard (pictured at top of page, second from right).

According to an investigation by The Associated Press, which published its findings on Monday, Broidy and Nader became business partners in a Virginia-based security firm, and the pair spent much of 2017 negotiating with representatives of the UAE and Saudi governments in an attempt to secure multimillion-dollar defense contracts in exchange for a direct line to Trump. Through his lawyers, Broidy has denied the allegations in the AP story.

Broidy and Nader, according to the AP report, pitched the two governments on their ability to turn Trump's policy against Qatar, a major Middle East rival to both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

On November 30, Broidy sent the first $200,000 installment of a $1.6 million hush money payment to Bechard, allegedly for an affair that he had with her that resulted in her pregnancy and a subsequent abortion. Two days after that payment went out, Broidy met face to face with Trump to discuss his negotiations with the UAE and the Saudis. Soon after that, Broidy and Nader's company won a $600 million contract from the UAE.

Broidy — who in 2009 was convicted of bribing public officials in New York — and Nader also received a $4 million contract from the U.S. Defense Department, though Broidy's company never received a significant DoD contract before Trump took office.

In April of this year, the payoffs to Bechard became public knowledge after federal agents raided the residences and offices of Trump's personal lawyer and "fixer" Michael Cohen, who arranged for the payments to the former centerfold. Broidy quickly admitted to the affair with Bechard — even though just a few months earlier he had agreed to a whopping $1.6 million to cover it up.

As a result, recent media reports have speculated that it was never Broidy who conducted the sexual liaison with Bechard, but Trump himself — and the $1.6 million payoff was a favor that amounts to a bribe paid by Broidy in exchange, at least in part, for the massive windfall he and convicted pedophile Nader have now received under the Trump administration.