‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 24: Ciara Brady Haunted By Past Rape, Halts Budding Relationship With Tripp Dalton

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives battles some very tough issues, including the aftermath of sexual assault. Earlier this week, Tripp and Ciara had a romantic date night planned. Tripp was cooking dinner with Kayla while Ciara spoke to Julie about their budding romance. The conversation with Julie jumped straight to sex, even though Ciara wasn’t real keen on having that discussion with her grandma.

Ciara hasn’t had sex since she was raped by Chase in 2016. Julie explained to Ciara that she knows what she is talking about. She talks about the difficulty she had recovering from her own rape. The act of violence doesn’t define or control you, she says, but it is always going to be there because it cannot be erased. Julie stated that it’s not something you just get over, but you can move past it.

The pair’s romantic candle-lit dinner was special and they had a wonderful time together. When Ciara initiated a kiss with Tripp, memories of her past rape haunted her thoughts. She pushed Tripp away and ran off to bed, claiming to be tired. Tripp was left alone and confused.

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives featured Ciara battling the demons of her past.

Tripp approaches the topic with caution but he wants to know what is wrong. Days viewers have witnessed a severe change in their relationship, and not in a good way. Tripp isn’t mad; he just wants to make sure that she is okay.

Ciara says that she is okay and makes excuses for her sudden change of heart. Tripp begs her to talk to him. He is concerned that he is the one who has upset her. Ciara dismisses his concern and heads out claiming that she has a lot to do today. When he leaves, Ciara comes out of hiding and she begins to cry.

Hope arrives at the loft to deliver some news to her daughter, revealed during today’s episode of Days of Our Lives. You can read the rest of the episode recap from the Inquisitr here. Hope can immediately tell that there is something bothering her. She explains to Ciara that Tripp is genuinely concerned about her. He most likely wasn’t giving her the third degree, Hope tells her. Tripp could probably tell that something was wrong, just like Hope can.

Ciara does discuss the situation with her mother who encourages her to talk about it. She tells Ciara, “We can’t erase the past no matter how much we want to. The best way to deal with things is to talk about them.” Ciara doesn’t want to talk to Tripp about what happened to her because Tripp is attracted to her strength. She fears that he will think she is a victim and weak.

Hope instills positive thoughts by saying that, if she were to confide in Tripp, he would think she is someone who went through something horrible and is stronger because of it. Hope believes that Tripp will be kind and understanding, just like his father, Steve. Viewers will have to wait for another episode of Days of Our Lives to see if Ciara does, in fact, talk to Tripp or if she lets a potential “great love” slip between her fingers.