ABC Pulls ‘Don’t Trust The B- In Apartment 23’

Fans of the ABC comedy Don’t Trust The B- In Apartment 23 should be worried right about now. Even though the witty sitcom has done everything to make itself stand apart, including fake viral jeans commercials featuring scene stealer James Van Der Beek, it seems as though that’s not enough for the show to survive on the network.

ABC has decided to pull all remaining episodes of the sophomore series Apartment 23, and instead has decided to double up on episodes of Happy Endings. This does not look good for Apartment 23, which hasn’t seemed to bounce back from its ratings from last year. It’s hard to say what exactly went wrong with this promising sitcom. Maybe the premise and Dawson’s Creek jokes got stale after awhile? Who knows?

Either way, the powers that be have confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the changes will be in effect starting next week. The eight episodes of Apartment 23 are said to remain off the air until further notice. It’s no surprise as both Apartment 23 and Happy Endings have both been struggling this year. Both series were initially given a shortened season with a finale sometime in March. This may still happen for Happy Endings, but it’s looking highly unlikely for Don’t Trust the B-.

Of the sitcoms, president Paul Lee told press at the Television Critics Association:
“We love those two shows. They’re incredibly distinctive, and they’re water-cooler shows.”

So far there hasn’t been a decision on whether or not those eight episodes from Apartment 23 will remain unaired. We’ll keep you in the loop.