'The Bachelor' 2016 With Ben Higgins: Chris Harrison Teases Drama, 'Reality Steve' Shares Spoilers

It is almost time for The Bachelor to start airing, and now Chris Harrison is teasing some drama this season. Ben Higgins will be the bachelor who is trying to find love, and he actually just finished filming. The new season of The Bachelor won't air until 2016. Us Magazine shared what Chris Harrison had to say about the upcoming season and how the drama will happen.

Harrison was on Good Morning America to speak out about it. Now that Chris is done filming with Ben Higgins, hopefully he will be doing a little more press for the show.

"Ben is going to be a phenomenal Bachelor, But at the same time, when you have somebody who is a great catch, there will be drama. I can't wait for everybody to see this season."

Ben Higgins was first on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe, but he didn't win her over. Instead, Kaitlyn picked Shawn Booth, and Ben was still a bachelor looking for love. Everyone loved Ben on that season, and Harrison is sharing they will still feel the same.

"I think everybody is really going to fall in love with this guy. He's just a very sweet, sincere guy."

Reality Steve has already shared spoilers for The Bachelor, even though it hasn't started airing yet. Yesterday, Steve went to his blog to share that Ben Higgins would be making his final decision on The Bachelor and picking the girl he wants to spend his life with or going home alone. Steve makes it sound like he does pick someone, but he isn't sharing who it is just yet. All season long, Steve has said that Lauren Bushnell would end up winning The Bachelor because Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins had a great connection from the start.

Steve did say that the episode-by-episode spoilers for The Bachelor will be coming out very soon. He did share a lot of small details, though. There will be a few professional athletes involved in dates this year, there is a hot air balloon date once again, Ben will have a two-on-one date this season on The Bachelor, and at least four people will leave before a rose ceremony or get sent home early by Ben Higgins.

There is also a girl named Caila on this season of The Bachelor and, Steve is comparing her to a Disney princess. It sounds like one of those girls who everyone is going to either love or hate, so it will be interesting to see how that all plays out.

Hopefully, Ben Higgins found love on this season of The Bachelor, but fans are going to have to wait and see. So far, Reality Steve hasn't shared the winner, and it will take a while for the couple to figure out if they can make it in the real world or not. For now, they will be in hiding until The Bachelor finale airs later in 2016. Everyone would love to see Ben Higgins get his happily ever after and it all work out for him in the end.

Are you excited to see Ben Higgins as The Bachelor? Do you think that Reality Steve will be able to predict who will win this season of the show? Don't miss the new season of The Bachelor when it starts to air on January 4, 2016, on ABC. New episodes will air every Monday night.

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